Fruit Salad

A relative had a garden party on Saturday and had 4 pounds of fresh fruit salad left over. She gave it to me because, and I quote, "Here, you like all this healthy stuff."

I live with my husband who does not like fruit as a general rule. He'll have a banana or throw some frozen berries in his smoothies, but that is about the extent of it. This fruit salad has berries and pineapple and grapes and a couple different kinds of melon. It is all really good quality fruit without any added sugar or dressings.

So I pulled out my blender, and blended up all 4 pounds of fruit this morning. It made about 1.5 liters after being blended w/o adding any other liquid. I filled up some ice cube trays with the blended fruit, and now it is freezing up for use in future smoothies. I figure 1/2 cup of fruit puree would be about a serving of fruit.

Hopefully I can convince my husband to use it in his protein smoothies! If not, I'm sure it will keep for a month so I won't need to buy anymore frozen fruit for myself for a while.

When you are a broke student trying to eat healthy, you do what you can! Any other ideas for my pureéd fruit? Smoothies and Popsicles are about the extent of my ideas.


  • Pedal_Pusher
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    If it works for you, use it.
  • leska1216
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    Add pureed fruit to pancakes, muffins, baking, etc etc etc.

    Shakes and smoothies is good, too.
    Top your cereal, oatmeal, etc with pureed or fresh fruit.
  • opuntia
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    That's a great idea. When you defrost it you can add it to oatmeal/porridge (I'm not sure if people mean porridge when they say oatmeal) or use it to make fruit muffins, or just as a drink. It might be nice mixed with white wine too.
  • Good idea!! I love when people gift me with "healthy stuff."
  • It might taste good over pancakes or similar.
  • megleo818
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    Let it thaw (or heat it) and put it over plain yogurt for a parfait. Yum!
  • missmgray
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    Use them as ice cubes in crystal light or Iced tea for a treat. Or sangria....:wink: