Family Reunion Survival!

I have only just started my weight loss journey again after slowing down for a year, and i have a big speed bumb coming up this weekend: a family reunion. There is usually more food then anyone could eat in a month, and i need help! Can anyone give me some survival tips? How do you handle functions like these? Do you have any good cheats? What should i definitly avoid? How do i repeat "no thank you" 100 times and not hurt feelings? Any and all help would be greatly appriciated :smile:


  • slkehl
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    I had a couple of these this summer! My tips:
    -Get a little exercise in. This might mean getting up early for a run. Or taking a family member with you outside for a walk (a great way to spend time together and get a long conversation in!)
    -Keep your serving sizes small and don't get seconds.
    -Keep a good conversation going during meals. You won't eat as much.
    -Drink water.
    -Avoid foods that people won't be hurt if you pass along, like bread.
    -Watch the toppings. Go light on cream sauces, dressings, ect.

    But don't worry about it too much! It's better to make up for it later by working out more and eating a little less next week than to have to be vigilant about your food during a fun, relaxing time with family :)
  • momtokgo
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    Just take a little bit of what you want, and load up on the salads, veggies etc. Don't be afraid to say "no thank you" if you don't want something and stick to water for drinking. I honestly don't understand why people get offended if you won't eat everything offered.
  • OhioViking79
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    Thanks guys! I have a tendency to beat myself up over anything i eat wrong, but maybe i need to loosen up a little :smile:
    The conversation idea will definitly help - most of my relatives will chat your ear off if you let them. Although how to turn down aunties cheesecake ..... *sigh* Not an easy matter!

    i think though that some people are honestly offended not because I turn down certain foods, but because I turn down THEIR food. I have some relations that expect me to sample everything they make because they want the people they care about to approve of it. Maybe i should just wear a "i am on a diet" t-shirt! :tongue:
  • Would you be able to politely turn down some food by saying you are on a strict diet or would that be considered rude in your social circumstance? For what it is worth, I feel your pain.
  • Gramps251
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    It's only 2 days. If you fall off the wagon a bit it won't be a big deal as long as on Monday you're back to your schedule.

    I'll bet you have some relations who are dieting and would love to walk with you.

    Have fun and enjoy your relatives.
  • manhn1
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    Do not tell them that you are trying to lose weight! Don't!

    Don't drink your calories. Drink water
  • LyssaJ1
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    I'd say take a smidgen of that cheesecake because what if auntie isn't around next year? (Am facing this currently, so eh :/)

    However, if there are foods you definitely want to avoid, just say "I'm allergic"...which isn't a lie 'cause you're allergic to gaining weight :wink:

    Good luck and remember to drink plenty of water! Oh, and of course, have fun!
  • wilmnoca
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    First of all, bring something guilt free that you can eat enough of (with plenty to share of course) and have a LITTLE room for the other things that you love that are not so healthy. As for me, I bring a veggie dish and choose the leanest protein available and thats it. A fruit dish for dessert is summery and light enough that you can finish your meal with a sweet that you wont hate yourself for later.
    * not that you should hate yourself for indulging, but I tend to do that to myself, so I have learned ways to enjoy these events without going up a pant size:)