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how do i add pictures to a topic, i have tryed and keep getting error or blank messages :(


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    I don't know either. I am posting here so this thread will show up under "my topics" so I can check back and get the answer when you do.
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    June you may have found this on your own by now but I checked under the "technical support" topic on the main message board and found this tutorial by MFPfriend.....

    Alright, I see sooooo many posts with people asking how to post pictures. It's actually not too difficult. All you need is a picture a image-hosting website. Here we go:

    Hosting the Picture

    1) Go to an image-hosting site (for example, photobucket or tinypic- photobucket requires making an account). Upload your picture. To do this, click the button that says "Browse" and choose your photo from there. When you have selected your photo and clicked "OK", click the UPLOAD button.
    2) Wait until it is completely loaded and shows you a bunch of different codes. We're going to use the URL that's called IMG (or Image) code. Highlight the entire code, right click, and click "copy".

    Placing the Picture on MFP
    1) Get onto your favorite board or wherever you would like to post the picture, and start your message. Now, right click inside this typing/text box, and click "Paste", The code that you coped earlier should show up. You may notice that the code looks something like this: (without the spaces)

    [ IMG ] [ /IMG ]

    Well, that's all fine and dandy, except that we can't have those capital letters in there.

    2) Take the code that you have down, and change the capital IMG to lowercase img (on both ends of the code), so that it looks something like this: (without the spaces)

    [ img ] [ /img ]

    3) Write whatever else you feel like writing in the space, then click the Post button, and you're done!!

    Not too hard, right?