Seasonal Coffee Drink PROBLEM!!

Ok guys I just spent 330 cals on a TALL Pumpkin Spice Latte. This is ridic. I cannot deal with this. Please share with me the calories and how you make those drinks HEALTHY, to starbucks, dunkin, etc...I would SO appreciate it!!! Or even at home substutitions you create!! :)


  • pa_jorg
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    Order a coffee misto with one pump of pumpkin syrup. I don't remember the exact calorie count, but it is much lower than the full latte, plus it's cheaper, but it also tastes the same!!
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    Budget the rest of your calories around it and don't regret it - enjoy the splurge! Those lattes are delish! If you know you will have more of them in the season ask them for a short- its a smaller size, they don't advertise it but you can get it - an go with half syrup, nonfat milk, no whip.
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    No whip, non-fat milk takes you down to 200 for a tall.
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    I have the same problem:( I took charge last year and made my own at home and saved lots of calories and money:)

    Here's the recipe I used- except I used skim milk and sometimes I added sugar-free vanilla syrup flavoring instead of just equal to sweeten it:)

    Happy Holidays!
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    I switched to apple cinnamon spiced tea! It is seasonal and yummy and cheaper...$3/20 bags.
  • Google pumpkin spice syrup recipes. There's a lot to choose from. This one looks really good: :drinker:
  • Skim Latte Small here where I live is 70 cals, so my suggestion would be to change the food you eat or as others have suggested make it yourself so you can control the ingredients and quantity.

    That's an important aspect to remember, a store might say that your coffee is 300 cals but then they actually might be using twice the syrup as they are meant to and it might be worse than you think.

    You could get the coffee from them and add your own home made syrup :D hence you can control the more important issue of quantity.
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    Good thing I think the pumpkin lattes are NASTY!! Tastes like burned pie. Gross. But Hungry Girl has a recipe for one: