BF% on scales

Is the BF% on scales accurate? What can affect (effect??? poor grammar sorry) it? When I first weighed myself I was at 44% BF. I have lost 6 lbs and now it is saying I am at nearly 49% BF. I have been lifting and working out consistently, so I would hope BF% would go down not up. I have a fitbit Aria scale if that helps.


  • MooMooooo
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    Depends on the scales. Even if you have a good brand it still might be a faulty unit.
  • lmelangley
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    Don't trust the scales. There are very few truly accurate ways to measure body fat - the best recommendation I've found is to find someone with calipers that really knows how to use them. Good luck!
  • SLE0803
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    Thanks guys :) I feel a bit better. It just stinks when I am working my tail off in the gym to see my bf% go up....grrrr. I try to think nothing of it because I don't typically trust its accuracy. Thanks again :)