Needing some Support


Giving this another (proper full hearted) go! Add me lets support each other. I have @ 50lbs to lose!

Whos with me!?

Jodie xx


  • HI! You can add me if you want! I am on here ALL the time!
  • hi =-) you can add me I still have plenty to lose and could always use some support. Im on here alot lot lot =-)
  • BarbaraC47
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    I'm on a high today. 6 months in and I've lost 55lbs - still on track for losing 10lbs a month!! Add me if you like, I'm really glad to be on this site, losing weight and making friends!!

    Never give up, never surrender!!!
  • Hi... I've just started again today.. prepared to go all the way this time. Initially have to enter a weeks food intake, exercise etc for a Nutrition unit I'm studying, but would like to lead by example...........
  • Awesome job.... well done... hopefully that is my post in a few months time :-)
  • You can add me too! :) I've started today and I think it's going to be hard so I really need some support :)
  • cici52
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    Add me too, please. I am the proverbial tortoise. Down 4 pounds in 4 weeks. Also need some support.
  • prancingpixie99
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    I got your back, feel free to add me too guys. :D
  • Lonestarlesa
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    I have just found this site yesterday.
    I have been using WW to lose weight for the past few years. I did have success on the old WW program, and lost 130 pounds.
    However, due to unexpected life events...I just stopped focusing on my weight and ended up gaining back nearly 50 of those.
    I now have a lot to lose again.
    I tried the new ww program, and I seem to be bouncing back and forth on and off.
    I did come across myfitnesspal as a tool to track calories.
    I am hoping to lock into the community and find those extra 50 pounds gone once and for all!

    So please add me as a friend..and lets set about doing this! :-)
  • Jodibear58
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    feel free to add me!
  • Can Add me Jodie, I need the same encouragement.
  • ppmarkgraf
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    I'd love to have you as a friend. I, too, could use the support, and I've often found that weight loss success lies in not only being accountable to yourself, but others as well. I have to warn you, though, I do love to celebrate in your successes and encourage you when you feel like a failure (I'm QUITE the cheerleader), so I WILL be commenting on your posts. Additionally, I love the same in return. So if this applies to you, please add me. And if this applies to anyone else that may read this, feel free to add me as well. I do much better with a healthy lifestyle if I'm being made accountable (or some may say: "Watched")

  • lizvanb
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    Please feel free to add me. I'm also looking to give this a go. This is my third "first day" on MFP and hoping to make it stick the way it did the first time. Anyway, I'd love to give some support! xx
  • Ta_Mo
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    feel free to add me!
  • EmpressHollie
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    i think i am a good supporter, feel free to add me
  • Hi, you can add me too )
  • Id love to have people add me too, I just started and have a lot to lose!