red team week 32!! :-)

Good morning! (Well, by now, it is almost afternoon!)

My apologies on the late start. I've been writing a paper since I don't have class today and forgot it was monday!

I weighed myself this morning, but I'm going to pretend I didn't. haha. It's that TOM and I had a bad weekend. I was really upset and ate too much. I'll fix it. But I'm going to skip this week I think.

Hope you all have done better than me.... hehe :wink:


  • Hi everyone!
    I had a pretty decent week last week. I did Turbo Jam 4 times and ran about 4 times as well. I am kind of looking forward to weighing in this month! :bigsmile: This week I am working on watching what I eat more closely. Right now I am trying not to rely on logging my food everyday and try to make healthy and concious decisions on my own. I came to the realization that I am not ALWAYS going to be able to log my food everyday or even have food that I know the calories of and I do not want to freak out about it. So I decided that I need to really just watch my portion control....have the things I want, but in moderation. Hopefully it doesn't hurt me on the scale :tongue:

    Mel- I don't blame you for skipping weigh-in this week, especially since it is that TOM. And don't worry about your bad weekend, you will get it back on track!! :happy:

    Well, I hope that everyone has a great week and an awesome weigh-in.

  • jb_sweet_99
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    I forgot to weigh in this morning, in too much of a rush! I will weigh in tomorrow instead. :bigsmile:
  • Learning2LoveMe
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    I also was in a rush this morning and forgot to weigh in. I had a bad weekend - lots of food and soda..ugh. But today is a new day and I'm back on track.

    Such a beautiful day too! Totally overcast and raining.... oh how I love the rain! We never get enough of it here. Too bad I'm stuck in this office all day and can't fully enjoy it! :laugh:
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    It's so beautiful out, with all the snow that's not melting like I thought it would, and it made me so happy until my body reminded me that it is my TOM, and then I proceeded to eat a chocolate granola bar for breakfast :laugh:

    That being said, no weigh-in for me today.

    Mack - Good for you trying the portion control thing! That made me think a lot about what is going to happen when I get closer to my goal, because I know I won't be able to do this forever too. I think once I get like 10 or 15 pounds away from my goal I'll try to eat without logging. Be sure to let us know how it goes!
  • anglbebe
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    So I dunno i think I have plateaued again. I have added walking at lunch, I think I may up it to jogging. I need something more. I can sense that.... Im back at 195 this morning. Any advice???
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Angelbebe I think that increasing your intensity is probably what you need too...or switch it up to something different, maybe try zig zagging your calories to keep your body guessing and hopefully that will kick you out of your plateau!

    I'm at 208, can't complain really, I've had a lot of holiday parties, another one this afternoon in fact. Wish me luck on keeping it healthy!! :bigsmile:
  • anglbebe
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    I think your right... I actually started dancing in the am with the Ipod on... Cause 4 am is to early to get everyone else in the world up. I felt great afterward. I figured instead of looking at the ceiling do somethin right...

    We will see how this works out....

    I noticed your pic on your profile is WAY different. You look great like another person! CongratS!
  • kvcarden
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    I have gained 5 lbs :sad: I'm at 191 and it's not even TOM....I really think Thanksgiving "triggered" my old eating habits and I just can't seem to shake it! Everyday I say I'm going to watch my calorie intake & work out well I haven't worked out since before Thanksgiving :embarassed: I just don't know what it'll take to get me back on track and with Holiday parties and Christmas coming up I feel I am fighting a losing battle right now.......

    I'm sorry I haven't read the other posts but I will tomorrow...if anyone maintained or loss weight....congrats on that!!!! If anyone gained, well I'm still rolling around in the dirt from falling off my own wagon so I really can't be a hypocrit and give a pep talk :cry:
  • jb_sweet_99
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    That's great anglbebe, every little bit helps right!! And thanks for saying that about my pic, that's very sweet of you!
    Don't be so hard on yourself Kay, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Tomorrow is a new day, just start out slow switching things gradually back over to healthier things....then if you can't get the energy up to exercise at least you are eating can be done without exercise, it just takes longer. Keep your chin up! :bigsmile:
    Jenn :flowerforyou:
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    So I know I said I was going to skip weighing-in this week, but I'll do a Friday weigh in. I'm at 177. I'll take it!
  • kvcarden
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    Thanks Jenn for the encouragement! Is there a thread for this week?? I know I missed last week so I'm a little behind :ohwell: