Migraines and Cravings

I suffer from migraines and usually when I'm in the middle of one I crave greasy carbs... usually deep fried chips/fries... which always seems to help with the nausea and aid my recovery the next day

The last two days I've had fairly intense migraines which have stopped me being able to work out and brought these cravings back (double whammy!) So I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for what might hit what my body needs to induce the greasy carbs craving that's a little more calorie friendly?


  • pa_jorg
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    When I get migraines I always want bagels, bread and crackers. Not very healthy but not greasy either. I'd also suggest drinking Gatorade because the electrolytes help the headache.
  • draco706
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    try zucchini chips just slice thin and bake. or if that wont cut it turkey bacon egg white and cheese on whole wheat bagel. I have horrible sinus drainage and sometime I need bacon to settle my stomach. sweet potato fries/chips may work too
  • Migraines are the work of satan. When I have one I crave bread, it prevents me from barfing (which is a good thing). I have found if I take my meds with caffeine (usually sweet tea), they work quicker and curb any cravings.
  • rainlover711
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    I started getting migraines when I was 10 and I have had them since them, and sometimes they change into tension headaches. Oh joy!!

    I sometimes drink coffee when i feel one coming on. It sometimes helps with the actual migraine. It's probably the total opposite of your craving so I don't know if it will help, but it seems to work for me.

    Good luck, sorry about the migraines!

    By the way, have you thought of trying acupuncture for the migraines? It actually helps!
  • I go and see my chiropractor as soon as possible when I get them. Usually means I am out of alignment. I sit in a dark room and drink as much water as possible and I also just found the Special K cracker chips that are a lot healthier then regular chips and not as greasy.
  • chivalryder
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    Do you know what's causing the migraines?
  • 3foldchord
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    I find that having the right balance of carbs in the day helps with not getting quite as many migraines (I, too, am one that has had chronic migraines since a child. 5)

    I have found grains at breakfast are BAD (for me) but graines before bed (like steelcut oats with fllax seeds) help me not to wake with badd headaches. (I also have llow blood sugar- so the correct carb balance helps hte blood sugar levels- and blood sugar dips trigger some of my migraines))

    But I craves breads and chocolates when I have migraines.
  • RhoRocks
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    Try taking ALL wheat flour out of your diet... 100%. Replace it with oat flour, rye flour, barley flour, garbonzo bean flour, rice flour... just eat NO wheat in any form. Make it your religion... no wheat flour in your diet ever again. If you need scientific proof of the reasons why wheat is poison to your system, read any number of books on the subject, but start with "Wheat Belly". It is life changing on many levels.
  • Excedrin with a lot of water. Or Advil with a cup of coffee. Caffeine helps ease headaches.
  • misfit34
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    I suffer from Migraines, and one thing that I continue to use that my OBGYN told me to use when I was pregnant was Benadryl. It lessens the symptoms that I have from the migraines if I can catch it pretty early in the stages. I tend to not have any cravings because of feeling so nauseous.
  • When I get a migraine I only want to die. I don't crave anything, as the thought of food makes me want to vomit. I have heard that caffiene helps migraines (doesn't help mine), so you could try a Coke or something like that, and the carbonation might help the nausea. As Monkeymomma pointed out, the Special K cracker chips will probably hit that craving for greasy carbs.

    Good luck!
  • vblair77
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    WOW! I have the SAME problem! I started getting migraines in 2nd grade. They've eased up a bit since I entered my 30's. But still when I get them I get hit HARD and i crave salty carbs. Namely, cheetos and a coke. :huh: But its wierd because i honestly think it helps. Or I guess it COULD be the meds kicking in :smile: Thankfully I dont get more than 1 or 2 per month. I used to get 3 or 4 per WEEK. I just sort of figured that the cravings were my bodies way of seeking comfort during the pain. not sure what else it could be...unless its maybe blood sugar related?
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    Like another poster, I have had migraines since I was a kid and they debilitated me for a long time. I am on a plethora of medications, but sometimes nothing gets rid of one. My neurologist suggested I try something that I really did not expect to work, but it totally does (this isn't craving specific, but maybe it will help people nonetheless) - I take a steaming hot shower (as hot as I can stand). Sometimes this is difficult as I am frequently ready to puke. Then I take three Aleve or Advils (and something for nausea if I have it) with a big cup of coffee. After that I lay down with a hot pack on my neck and an icepack on my forehead. I swear this really helps. Sometimes, if I feel one coming on, I can just put the hot pack on my neck and that alone will make a difference. I know it sounds silly, but it really helped me. I think the hot/cold/caffeine combo affects with vasodilation/vasoconstriction that happens during a migraine, but that's just a guess.
  • sillab
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    When I have a migraine, fortunately food is the furthest thing from my mind, likely due to the nausea. I don't get them nearly as bad or as often as I used to. I can usually keep them under control by taking motrin/advil as soon as I notice my vision going funny on me( i always have the aura before the headache so I know its coming). I tried the coffee/caffeine thing as well, but I think for me, if its possible I usually try and find a dark room and just rest for an hour or so(usually falling asleep helps). Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!