what is your favorite thing to eat right before bed?

now that i know it doesn't matter when you eat only how much, i am so happy i get to eat my dinner between midnight and 2am right before bed. It's my all-time favorite time to eat. what can i say i love going to bed not feeling hungry.

i did as much research as i could on this topic, but if there are any informed people on here who do not agree that it doesn't matter when you eat, i'd like to know why.

also, what is your favorite thing to eat right before bed?


  • seed_of_wonder
    seed_of_wonder Posts: 202 Member
    I'm good all day on sweets but before i go to bed i get major cravings for them
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,527 Member
    I like to drink a Coke Zero and play Hearts before I doze off.
  • A cup of tea!!! but then I always end up having to pee about 3 times in the night!! DOH!! :laugh: :drinker: :laugh:
  • creature275
    creature275 Posts: 348 Member
    pure casein
  • Peezy4President
    Peezy4President Posts: 292 Member
    a beautiful woman lol... jk i like to eat a bowl of cereal or grapes
  • windycitycupcake
    windycitycupcake Posts: 516 Member
    pure casein? like a powder?
  • elyelyse
    elyelyse Posts: 1,454 Member
    Cereal and milk, just finished some. There is something really comforting to me about it. It's always been my favorite late night snack, but now I have a half cup of each, and not 2 cups of each. Oh I put a tbsp of PB2 chocolate in it this time is was so good!