Does anyone have the FITBIT ARIA digital scale ?

I just want to know if you like it or not and explain your reason 8)


  • Dragonldy69
    Dragonldy69 Posts: 368 Member
    :flowerforyou: Never heard of it.. Where did you see that Fitbit Scale at??? I wouldn't mind having it if it worked as good as the fitbit..:drinker:
  • Dragonldy69
    Dragonldy69 Posts: 368 Member
    :flowerforyou: Never heard of it.. Where did you see that Fitbit Scale at??? I wouldn't mind having it if it worked as good as the fitbit..:drinker:
    OOPPSS!!! I went to page and clicked on Products..It looks and sounds interesting but alittle pricie.. Wouldn't mind getting one but would like to find some feed back on it as well..
  • AshleyMRawls
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    I have a FITBIT and one of the ARIA scales- and I honestly love it. I've found that if I want my weightloss to show on myfitnesspal I still need to log it here (but I'm on here logging my foods anyways) and everything translates so well between the two websites/ applications.
  • arraggh
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    no still undecided on the aria scales, love my fitbit ultra and would be interested in if people recommend the scales...
  • AllyBird82
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    I have had a fitbit for a while and love it. I just purchased the fitbit aria scale. I was also looking at the Withings scale, but went with the Aria because it's a little cheaper.

    I'm actually going to return it. It syncs very well to my fitbit account which is nice, but the weight doesn't seem to be accurate. Tonight I weighed myself several times (over the course of 5 minutes) to get an accurate weight, and the reading fluctuated +/- 7 lbs! I know that it's normal to change a little bit, but 7 lbs in a matter of minutes with no other changes is ridiculous.

    I initially noticed the problem because i weighed myself 2 times after moving it, and with my old scale they told me to ignore the first reading if the scale was moved.

    Maybe I have a defective one, but I'm not going to be able to track my progress very well with this one!
  • moggles
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    I had the same problem!
    Just went to amazon to start return process...
    I weighed myself 5 times in a row and the numbers had a 10lb fluctuation...
    Really not useful since I don't know which one is right!
    I'll take the lowest
  • nilbogger
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    I like mine! It keeps me honest. In the past when I was using another site and had a crappy weigh in I just wouldn't log it. Now since I have Aria syncing and updating my weight automatically I can't just ignore it. It really makes weighing in easier.
  • Kimberly3013
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    I love mine. I have found the weight to be accurate and like the above post says it keeps me honest. It downloads on here automatically so I can't just ignore a weight gain.
  • onwarddownward
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    I have one:

    It does not fluctuate as much as my old scale
    On a daily basis, it is very accurate and it does not talk, beep or anything annoying.
    The fat/lean ratio seems to stay accurate.
    It updates my FITBIT and MFP automatically
    It was easy to set up and use. I used my ipad, which is not the new one and only has WIFI.
    It does not require reprogramming the network between battery changes.

    It does sometimes weigh me heavier or way lighter for no apparent reason. I know what I weigh, approximately, so if it's way off, I get off and try again. This is not common.
    I can not see the display (because I am too fat), so I have to get on my computer after it syncs to find out what I weighed.
    It is position dependent. If I have my arms in different positions, it weighs me different. This is the case with a lot of scales.
    Is the display fading? I am not sure, but it seems lighter in color. Harder to read.
  • Kimberly3013
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    Also you can get them at Best Buy if you have one near you instead of paying shipping on them. I haven't found anywhere else that sells them though.
  • JanetP124
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    I have one and have never noticed any accuracy problems. The only thing is I had to stop having my weigh ins post to my wall which it was doing automatically. I weigh myself everyday and it started to feel kind of silly to have all my friends cheering over all those .2 and .3lb weight blips you see over a day to day basis.

    I like that my ticker automatically updates with the Aria weigh-in result.
  • Cinner29
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    Ours is very accurate indeed. We've had it since Christmas 2012 and it works perfectly for me and my husband. The manual does say that you should always use it on a hard surface, ie not carpet. If you use it on carpet, then you throw accuracy out of the window.