NSV: My first half-marathon

NaurielR Posts: 429 Member
I finished my first half marathon today! Before I started running, I never would have imagined being able to compete in an event like this. If you had asked me which sport I had the least amount of skill in, I would have answered basketball, because I am a 4'11" white girl and that kind of stuff just doesn't come naturally to me. But a very close second is running. However, I stuck with it, got better and better, and gradually realized that running a half marathon WAS a possibility.

My mom and I had been running together for awhile, and both decided that a "13.1" bumper sticker would look pretty on our cars. So we signed up for a race. Race day came, and I was really excited (and not just because of the Monster I drank beforehand). The rush I got when I first took off was indescribable. The adrenaline throughout the entire race made the running experience completely different from my training runs. I have run over 12 miles while training, but I was always dragging and exhausted by the end. Not so in this race. Going into the race, I was just HOPING I could reach a 10:20 min/mile pace. I had run that quickly for over 12 miles ONCE. ONCE. Usually I would run 12 miles at an 11:00min/mile pace.

I finished that race in 2:05:28.

That's a 9:35 min/mile pace, which is better than most of my 6 mile runs.

I ended up placing 318 out of 750 for the entire race, and 12 out of 30 for my age group.

I'd apologize for writing such a a long post and tooting my own horn, but I'm a bit too proud at the moment :)

Next up on my to-do list: purchase that darn sticker.


  • cristeberga
    cristeberga Posts: 251 Member
    What an awesome time! I can't wait to start training for my first half.

  • bonboncito
    bonboncito Posts: 234 Member
    That is awesome to me a 5k seem a lot som half amarathon is an awesome accomplishment: :flowerforyou:
  • newmrsdec10
    newmrsdec10 Posts: 361 Member
    Toot that horn, you totally deserve it! Congratulations to you and get that sticker! That's awesome.
  • AsellusReborn
    AsellusReborn Posts: 1,112 Member
    That is so awesome! I'm nervous for my first 5K this week - a half marathon sounds incredible! You GO girl!
  • Jamidi
    Jamidi Posts: 233 Member
    That is amazing! Good job and you SHOULD by very proud
  • momof3and3
    momof3and3 Posts: 656 Member
    That is a great pace!

    Don't be surprised if you are sore tomorrow...take some ibuprofen now. Tomorrow if you are sore, take a walk to warm up your muscles, you will feel better.

    Congratulations! Welcome to 13.1!
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