Weighing In

How frequently does everyone weigh in? I like to weigh myself daily, but to see fluctuations of even the smallest amounts is discouraging. I'm thinking I need to weigh myself less. Any suggestions? Once a week probably won't cut it for me.


  • danblood
    danblood Posts: 20 Member
    I go for Thursdays

    Friday to Sunday is where I'll probably have bigger meals; weighing in on Monday isn't a good way to start the week. By Thursday I've been living for a few days in a row on well balanced meals and cycling to work!

    But if I ever get an urge to weigh in more often, I try to leave it 48 hours at least!
  • Bob314159
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    Once a day for sure and read and use this

  • I personally weigh myself every day, but I only take an 'official' weigh in once a week. I don't get discouraged if the number goes up. I track my daily weight in a spreadsheet so that I can see the trends. If you do weigh yourself daily, you can't let yourself get easily discouraged. Otherwise, you need to only do it once a week or so.
  • Love_flowers
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    I officially weigh AND measure myself fortnightly and write it down on my iPhone apps.

    However, I do like to have a sneak peak every 2-3 days just to give myself a boost but I ONLY do it if I know for a fact that I have done well to ensure minimum discouragement. :bigsmile:
  • I wish I could say that I weigh in weekly, but to be honest I weigh myself every morning after I use the bathroom. TRUE STORY. I just feel like it keeps me accountable. They say it doesnt help you, but for me it does.
  • I prefer Monday mornings first thing. I was doing it every day but was getting depressed seeing no changes......and because of that, I'd go through my kitchen like a tornado eating every chocolate stash I had!

    So personally, once a week works just fine for me :)
  • dannytrees1
    dannytrees1 Posts: 121 Member
    Every day just after my shower in the evening before supper.

    But I understand what others meen, I put on 1.2 lbs yesterday and couldent beleave it
    I'm having fun with MFP and feel positive that my goal will be reached.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I weigh pretty much every day but unless it is Friday morning it doesn't count.
  • mel72281
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    Think of it this way, what good does it do obsess over your weight? The scale doesn't reflect anything immediately. Chill out girl, you got this!!! Stop being sooooo neurotic! :wink: :heart: you sis!
  • carolebville
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    Wednesday is my weigh-in day; but I do sneek a peak everyday === I don't fret over it because I know that my weight can change daily. I've lost almost 1 lb every week. I just make sure I exercise (walking) to help along the way. It keeps the body toned!
  • wrobes
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    It is as hard as hell and takes mega discipline but my trainer will only let myself weigh in every 4 weeks. In between that time i need to rely on how my clothes feel to know if i am putting on weight or losing it
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    I am not emotionally attached to the number on the scale. I expect myself to be up the days after my heavy weight days, and my long run day. Doesn't bother me in the slightest - I know all it is is water retention in the muscles. I also know that I tend to gain a bit of weight around ovulation, drop it, drop to a new low, put on more weight for tom, drop it, then drop to a new low. As long as by the month I drop about as much as I would expect based on the numbers, I don't care about the daily fluctuations.
  • junodog1
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    I weigh myself everymoring, but no weight counts until it has been seen for three days in a row. That way the little fluctuations don't phase me. It's all a mind game,and those are my rules. If its 205, 206, 205, 204, 204 then the 205 counts. If the next day is 204 THEN I get to enter 204.
  • Julietrower
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    I weigh every day but only count Wednesdays as my weigh in day.