Yoga - Yes or No?

I've seen alot of people talking about yoga and the health benefits to be had. I have never tried Yoga, and wonder if someone could weigh in with their experiences, pros, cons and so forth. Oh, and have anyone every tried the Diamond Dave program?


  • emmy3111
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    I've seen alot of people talking about yoga and the health benefits to be had. I have never tried Yoga, and wonder if someone could weigh in with their experiences, pros, cons and so forth. Oh, and have anyone every tried the Diamond Dave program?

    bumping so I can see responses... likely going to be starting yoga soon.
  • I do a yoga video once or twice a week... During and immediately after, I feel totally relaxed. The first few sessions made my muscles a little sore, but I think I was trying to push my body past its flexibility limits.

    If you don't want to invest money in a DVD or class, check out Namaste Yoga with Dr. Melissa West on YouTube... She has a really great set of beginner videos.
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    The only Yoga I've done is the once or twice per week on P90X. I'm about done with the program and I can tell you that I am much more flexible than I was 90 days ago. I enjoy it and think it's a nice change of pace from lifting or running.
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    I do yoga occasionally and have for years. I love it and wish I could do it more often because it just makes me feel good and relaxed. I don't do it much though because I'd rather spend my exercise time on something that will give me different results (more intense strength training and cardio). It's great for you and can definitely help with some strength and flexibility though.
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    I love Yoga! I have some very challenging DVD's for at home - Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown and Bob Harper's warrior yoga....these are hard workouts, you will sweat! I also try to attend a studio class once month - they go more into the philosophy of yoga and you start and end the class with meditation. You feel so relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of the class. As far as calorie burn, It's best to be wearing a HRM, because it's all over the map. A traditional Hatha Yoga class will not get you a big burn (although there are many other health benefits). On the other hand Bob Harper's and JIllian Michaels yoga DVD's are definitely a hard workout and a nice calorie burn.
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    I took a yoga class at college for a term, and I must admit I LOVED it. I still practice, but due to my schedule, not very frequently (just the sun salutation every once in a while mixed in with random sequences I make up whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed). I highly recommend yoga to anybody- even if you aren't flexible- but I must warn you... There are a LOT of styles of yoga. Hatha yoga, what I do most of the time, is pretty low-key. I find it much more meditative, which is why I practice. It's slower and focuses more on holding the pose rather than powering through the poses. Ashtanga yoga and I don't get along as well, but for some it's even more peaceful. It's faster-paced and really breath-focused. I typically do my sun salutations as ashtanga. Then you get into stuff like bikram which is totally not my cup of tea.

    That being said, just because you don't like hatha doesn't mean you won't like ashtanga- try out all the types before you decide whether or not you like yoga.

    Another thing- I went in to yoga believing it to be flexibility-based. At the time I took yoga, I was also taking weight training and a cardio course and thought I had all of my bases covered. Uhm, no! Doing a yoga class is NOT a replacement for stretching after going to the gym. Don't think you're going to just be stretching out your muscles. You will, yes, but a LOT of yoga is actually isometric strength building. That doesn't mean it replaces weight-lifting either... it's just, well, more holistic.
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    If you like it, do it -- lots of people like it. I find it excruciatingly boring. So I do other stuff. Try it and see.
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    I find yoga is incredibly relaxing and has increased my flexibility significantly. I now can put my palms on the floor from the standing position with my knees together, which I find pretty impressive. Unless you're doing a yoga based workout, I would not count on it to have any direct weightloss benefit (although stress reduction can aid weightloss.) I just wouldn't track it to add to my calorie deficit or anything.
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    Yes, I have done yoga off and on throughout my life starting in high school. I have been doing yoga alot recently due to a running injury. i suggest taking a class first so you can understand yoga and breathing.
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    I seem to get tight limbs A LOT! Yoga really helps me feel loose. It also cracks those hard to crack places haha. Its very relaxing if you can find quiet time to do it. Id say do it!!
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    I have given yoga a try, not once or twice, but at least a few dozen tries....beginner yoga, gentle yoga, prenatal yoga, DVDs....hate it passionately (& I don't use hate very often). Give it a go though, but you've got to be fair and try it out several times because the poses are testy and until you get one down perfectly you'll never know if you'd like it, also cuz "trying" it is far from relaxing so you won't reap the meditation easing your mind aspect of it right away.

    I do enjoy Les Mills Body Flow classes...IDK who all offers it. It does incorporate yoga poses, which I can dig. But it also includes Pilates and Tai Chi, which I like even more. So it could just be a personality/goals mismatch...I really don't know. Just try it a few times, different videos, different instructor's, different settings and if you like it--GREAT....if not, wait a while and try again--likes and dislikes often vary a bit at different stages of our lives. Who knows, at like 60 I might be singing Yoga praises, lol
  • I love doing yoga, and it is the perfect exercise for my current issues.

    I have fibromyalgia and bad ankles and arthritis in one foot, so weightbearing exercises are right out as is serious cardio. Yoga helps with the stiffness and deconditioning of the fibro without exhausting me, and increases my strength and flexibility and kinesthetic sense, which due to my autism spectrum issues was somewhat lacking. I am not working to anyone's pace but mine, I am not doing what I can't do yet, and while I have a pose that I'd love to be able to pull off and hold for a solid minute, it forms a nice athletic goal that I can work towards every time I do hip opener poses and sitting poses.

    If I could afford it, I'd also do some weight training at a gym, but that's not an option for me.
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    I started doing yoga on P90X then recently started going to power yoga classes that move at a much faster pace. What I like is that I get a great calorie burn without feeling sore afterward.
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    I do yoga as part of my workout just about every night. Some moves I either have to adjust though, like downward dog, so the blood doesn't rush to my head, or avoid altogether where I have epilepsy. However, I feel really relaxed when I do it and it's helped me greatly. I do it as the last part of my workout to help me relax. So far so good!!! :love:
  • I never tried yoga until I got Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown. Let me tell you, that is one tough work out. I burned more calories doing yoga than I did doing my 30 Day Shred dvd. The moves are hard, the stretches are intense, and it makes you sweat until you become a pro, in which case I'd tell you to take a different yoga class that can keep challenging you. I love the dvd and would definitely recommend it for beginners or even those more advanced. It's worth it!
  • I've done the Yoga workout with P90X. Very humbling. I can sum it up in 7 words - Yoga is hard for a fat man!
  • I used to find yoga extremely boring...until I tried HOT YOGA! I find it challenging during and relaxing afterwards. When I started I was seeing a chiropractor for very tight, painful shoulders (from running with a double jogger I imagine) That issue has totally disappeared. Sometimes you just need to experiment with different forms until you find what's right for you...
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    I do yoga about once a week (sometimes less depending on my schedule). I absolutely love it! I've noticed that when I have pain in my back/shoulders/hips and feel out of alignment, or if I'm stiff from running, yoga balances out my body, warms up my muscles, and stretches me out, leaving me feeling awesome! It also works muscles all over, and strengthens the core.

    I go to yoga classes, and my teacher is awesome. He's fun, funny, and knowledgeable.

    Make sure that you're using proper technique and alignment, and that you're not pushing yourself to do things you're not ready to do yet, and you'll enjoy great benefits!