Smaller frying pan

Let's be honest...sometimes, just sometimes, you don't measure your food.

That was happening to me with vegetables. I was doing a good job of incorporatinh veges into my diet but I was just throwing them into a frying pan ands sauteeing them. Then I would log the 1/2 cup that I thought was right.

Well, I was wrong. On average that 1/2 cup was 1 cup or more. I was doing the same with condiments: 1 teaspoon? I'd eyeball it.

One day I looked in the very back of my cabinet and I found a SMALL frying pan. Even though I still eyeballed the veges I noticed that because the small pan looked fuller that I used less. I now use that pan for EVERYTHING.

Let me tell you 2 eggs scrambled in this little pan instead of the big one I was using sure did look like a lot more food.

I know it's all a mind trick, but it's working for me.

Anyone else have those little "allusions" that they use? Please share...


  • I serve food in smaller plates and wine in small glasses. Water gets served in x-large glasses.