I hate to toot my own horn, but...*TOOT TOOT* !!!

I just convinced my boyfriend to do the 30 Day Shred with me.
We already do JM's Yoga Meltdown together, but he's super jazzed about the Shred.
....and by jazzed, I mean JAZZED.
More jazzed than I am.
All day he's been talking about coming home and working out with me, and now he's begging me to do the 6 Week 6 Pack with him afterwards.

I feel like I won the fitness buddy lottery.


  • SuperAmie
    SuperAmie Posts: 307 Member
    THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super jealous lol... Although I got mom to do Zumba with me yesterday and tonight hehe.. Shes not alloud to back down :)
  • BeingAwesome247
    BeingAwesome247 Posts: 1,171 Member
    You both are AWESOME!

    That's not just a work out buddy WIN that's a LIFE WIN :drinker:
  • Dub_D
    Dub_D Posts: 1,760 Member
    Lucky!! I try to get my BF to run with me all the time with no success :(
  • legs_n_bacon
    legs_n_bacon Posts: 478 Member
    No, I WIN! I am the Ultimate Pimp!
  • TheNewBlair
    That is so cool, My fiance and I also started the 30 day shred... it def. helps if your S.O. is there for the ride too. It's a fun DVD.
  • TubbsMcGee
    TubbsMcGee Posts: 1,058 Member
    You win too, Amie!

    Dani, if I knew how to run, I would totally be your running buddy
    Apparently I run too much "like a girl" and really limp wrist it
  • squigglypuff
    squigglypuff Posts: 279 Member
    awesome! my boyfriend tried to do 30DS with me but he couldn't keep up! i guess he's "skinny fat" because he's slim and has decent muscle from being a construction worker, he just lacked the lung capacity for all of jillian's jumping around.
  • _Elemenopee_
    _Elemenopee_ Posts: 2,665 Member
    No, I WIN! I am the Ultimate Pimp!

    True story
  • Michelle_Nicole
    Michelle_Nicole Posts: 95 Member
    Yay!!! Thats awesome!! I should be doing the Shred with my mom tonight if she doesnt bail on me!