I tried coconut water today

after my workout and it was lovely.. really nice, natural and healthy and helps the muscles recover after a workout. Read about in my fitness magazine over last few month. A change from sports drinks.

Give it a go.


  • AmyBoogie
    AmyBoogie Posts: 91 Member
    zico is my favorite brand.
    The chocolate one has saved me from sweet cravings a couple of times.
  • sixlegs
    sixlegs Posts: 10 Member
    ah, i personally don't enjoy the taste >.< i wish i could though, i've heard a lot about its health benefits...
  • Lizisgonnalose
    Lizisgonnalose Posts: 24 Member
    I personal can't drink it straight, but I enjoy adding it to my smoothies in place of juice, milk, or water. Today's smoothie included:

    1/2c Blueberries
    1 small banana
    1/2c Vita Coconut water
    1/2c plain chobani yogurt
    1 tsp. honey

    314 calories for one serving and it packs 25g of protein.... Leave out the honey and it brings it down to 294.
  • anonymousKel
    anonymousKel Posts: 92 Member
    chocolate one!! i'll watch out for that thanks. Love the little bits in the coconut. Yummy
  • anonymousKel
    anonymousKel Posts: 92 Member
    hhmm nice smoothie cheers for that
  • Italiano7
    Italiano7 Posts: 382 Member
    I just bought it a cpl days ago and mixed it with my protein drinks. It is delicious. I want to try the chocolate one.
  • HisPixie
    HisPixie Posts: 55 Member
    I *want* to like it. I love coconut. But there's something ... oh, I don't know .... almost slimey about the taste to me. The first few sips are fine but then my stomach starts to turn. I love the light coconut milks (not the creams--the ones that are 60 to 70 calories a cup). And Almond Breeze has a new Almond-Coconut Milk combo that is awesome. But that's different than coconut water, which is supposed to be so good for you. :(