One area stuck?

I've been doing MFP for about a month and a half now and I've lost 15 pounds. Because of how over weight I am right now I'm more just doing cardio work outs. I burn anywhere between 450 and 600 calories a day 4 to 5 days a week. My goal is when I get to a certain weight to get a gym membership and work on strength training, but I'm finding that while other areas are seeming a little smaller my muffin top area seems to be the same. I was wondering if others, when they were first starting, had one area that took longer than the others? When did you start seeing a difference in that one area?


  • Yep! I have some areas that look MUCH better and some that have been slower to show a change. Unfortunately, you don't lose weight/fat uniformly from all areas. Keep on keeping on, though - you will start to see a difference there in time! :wink:
  • MericoX
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    From everything I've read, it seems the fat on our abdomens are the last to go. Which of course SUCKS. I've noticed my feet look thinner.. the heck.. I don't care about my feet! LOL