Another NSV for me!

I do not, I do not, I do not want to walk today. I DO NOT!
I took yesterday off, so what's another day?

Ok, I'll go for a 1/2 walk instead of my 1 hour one. But just 1/2 hour to say I did it and to add exercise points to my diary.

Ok, I'm out here and 30 minutes are almost up. I should turn around now. Wait, I'm out here already, got dressed in work out clothes, got the dog on the leash, maybe I can go just a little more...

Ok, 45 minutes down. What's another 15. I CAN DO IT!

Wow, I did my hour!
You know what, I'm proud of myself and if the scale doesn't move - or even if it goes up-God forbid :) - I still did something that I DID NOT, DID NOT, DID NOT want to do.

Yay me!


  • Empress62
    Empress62 Posts: 85 Member
    Way to go! It's small regular successes like this that really add up.
  • melbot24
    melbot24 Posts: 347 Member
    Great job!

    Sometimes the best progress we make is not with the scale but with our performance.

    Keep concentrating on performance and endurance and you will have much more success to speak of!
  • DevonW32
    DevonW32 Posts: 67 Member
  • I enjoyed reading your post. Good Job!
  • The hardest thing is getting going! Glad you didn't let that voice win :)
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