what do you snack on at the movies?



  • nxd10
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    Why do you need to eat at the movies?
  • TeaBea
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    How about not eating anything at all? Eat before the movies....

    There's no reason we have to eat and watch movies....it's all in our minds.

    that might be true, but it's fun to watch a movie and have a little snack... i don't see anything wrong with that at all...

    what i do is get a gallon ziplock back and add random little things to it that make it a little mix. the last time i did that i had veggie chips (LOVE), wheat pretzels, and some raisins. i measured it all out and wrote on the bag with a sharpie "300 calories of deliciousness for the movies" just to be a weirdo lol

    I like this idea .... hmmm kettlecorn, pretzels & craisins ... so many possibilities
  • wluyando
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    If I know I'm going to the movies I'm just extra carefull during the day and treat myself with popcorn and Water no soda that way I'm still getting a treat but I'm not going overboard, hope this help =) and have fun !!!
  • hi711sp
    dry fruits will be a good choice
  • 3foldchord
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    I don't. Eat a good helthy dinner before you go, mayne go out for a light dessert afterwards.
    |A| I hate chewing sounds, esp hen trying to listen to a movie/TV.
    |B| i like to eat when I am hungry- not mindless snacking; as I tend to get carried away when I am not mindfull as to how many handfulls of popcorn, etc. Going out for coffee or a light treat aftrwards is no longer midless- I will be thinking about what is going into my mouth.
  • dwh77tx
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    I think I must be the only person who doesn't snack at the movies. My parents never let us get snacks at the movies, so I don't either.
  • JennetteMac
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    sugar free jelly bellies or sugar free red vines and a massive Coke Zero. :-D

    Where do you get sugar free jelly beans? I love the sound of them.
  • sukaera
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    mike n ike's! you can have 23 candies for only 140 calories! not too bad since they're chewy and take a while to eat!

    or beef jerky! a 1.5 oz portion of regular beef jerky is around 120-125 calories! lotsa protein!
  • deb3129
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    I usually eat before the movie, and if I feel snacky then I get an ice water and a pickle!