Marzipan Mocha Cream Chocolate Cake

Mostly just posting this because my friends asked for pictures. When I came into work tonight, facing me on the breakroom table was a cake. Not just any cake. A chocolate cake with a pink marzipan shell and mocha cream frosting. At that moment, I decided to throw caution to the wind and eat nothing but cake today. I'll go back to eating real food tomorrow. These pictures are after I had 2 small pieces. My coworkers ate the rest.



  • Kyrosh
    Kyrosh Posts: 238
    Oh wow..... :noway: :heart: :love:
  • LinaBo
    LinaBo Posts: 342 Member
    Sweet baby Jesus... I wouldn't be able to resist that, either. That looks like a quality cake, not just some cheap supermarket special, so I absolutely do not blame you.
  • lenoresaari
    lenoresaari Posts: 500 Member
    I was met with a large tray of cinnamon rolls, a box of white chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies, large bowl of chocolate candies and hard candies at work. I picked only 1 piece of hard mint when I won a question for a contest when
    we were having the meeting. Just wait for holiday season; they will be fattening us up for the kill!
    You are doing great losing 29 lbs and so glad you can jump back on it after indulging a little.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    I've got a thing for marzipan. My mom used to stuff my Christmas stocking with animal shaped marzipan every year. Marzipan is a special thing. Something like this doesn't pop up on the breakroom table, ever. Usually it's generic sheet cake and bad pizza. Had to do it. Had no choice.