Weight Loss Surgery??

I was just wondering can someone qualify for weight loss surgery with being 30 pounds over weight? I have lost abou 45 pounds on my own but has taken TWO years, getting tired of all the hard work. Will I ever be average weight???


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    When I looked into it, you had to be 100 pounds over. Depending on the MD doing the surgery, you also have to see a psychiatrist. :tongue:
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    I know how you feel. Surgery would be the quickest way but you have done great so far! I can understand how you feel! But I work with a lady that had gastric by pass done and she has lost over 100 pounds, but honestly she looks sick now, not because of the weight loss - she looks great in that respect - but her skin and hair looks old and faded. Her skin looks almost grey colored and her hair has gotten alot thinner because of the lack fo protein in her diet. All of the medicine or vitamins she takes has to be liquid. If I were you just pray and think about it. Best of luck of what ever you decide!
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    it is my understanding that u have to be at least 50 + overweight. my opinion after having several family members go thru the surgery it is not a quick fix and as much as you have to work at losing weight the old fashioned way, it all boils down to a total change in mind set. my family memebers have eaten back some of the weight they lost. but it is an indivdual choice, ask your dr about meridia or some other appetite suppresent?
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    Um....no. I wouldn't risk my life for 30 pounds....that surgery is risky and it has tons of complications (the worst of course being death). Maybe you need a fresh start! If you already eat well then perhaps you should ramp up your exercise. People on here recommend p90x or Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It could be just what you need! :flowerforyou:
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    Um....no. I wouldn't risk my life for 30 pounds....that surgery is risky and it has tons of complications (the worst of course being death). Maybe you need a fresh start! If you already eat well then perhaps you should ramp up your exercise. People on here recommend p90x or Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It could be just what you need! :flowerforyou:

    I totally agree with you, in fact I started 30 Day Shred a week ago and I am starting to see results. Yes, maybe a jump start is what I need. Thanks
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    My aunt said they approved her b/c she was a diabetic. You could always go to the seminar (they have them here all the time) they outline requirement and explain everything.
  • I just went to see my Dr about WLS and for him anyway your BMI has to be 35 and over before he will even consider surgery.
    It is true about what someone else posted about hair thinning, He said you WILL have hair loss and saggy skin.
    My Ins will not pay for the surgery so maybe that is my sign to keep trying to do it the right way.
    I am hoping between this website and the wii active and wii active more workouts I can do it but have 90lbs to lose so who knows
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    You usually have to have a BMI over 35 to qualify and I don't think you could if you're 30 pounds overweight.

    Congraulations on your weight loss. You're doing amazing! I know it feels slow and hard, but you're much more likely to keep it off by reducing so slowly. You're making long term changes in diet and fitness that will sustain you for the long haul. I would recommend adding some varitety to your food or excercise plan to make it fun again.

    Weight loss surgery isn't an easy way out. It is hard, life altering, and dangerous. It is for people who are truly out of options.
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    A friend of mine had the lap band and ended up in hospital because it slipped. She had a lot of problems and they had to remove it. It is hard work to lose weight but it is a learning process too. The surgery does not make you learn how to eat properly. Instead of spending money on the surgery, look towards changing your work out, possibly hiring a personal trainer. You may also want to speak to a nutritionist

    Read the book You Are What You Eat by Gillian McKeith. There is a ton of information in it that can help you lose those last stubborn pounds. Surgery should only be used as a last chance situation or in teh case of morbid obesity. I had 150 lbs to lose but I never once considered surgery as a way to lose weight. You are close to your goal. Tweak some things and you will get there one day....just not on your own agenda.
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    Um....no. I wouldn't risk my life for 30 pounds....that surgery is risky and it has tons of complications (the worst of course being death). Maybe you need a fresh start! If you already eat well then perhaps you should ramp up your exercise. People on here recommend p90x or Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It could be just what you need! :flowerforyou:

    I totally agree with you, in fact I started 30 Day Shred a week ago and I am starting to see results. Yes, maybe a jump start is what I need. Thanks

    Yes definately give different exercises and try eating differently before WLS. You'll feel so much better and have a sense of accomplishment, (which I'm sure you do already!) My weight loss has been on the slow side, too (about 45 pounds in 2 years.) But I've learned a lot from it, and I know how to lose it and keep it off. Like others said, you don't get that with the surgery. And no one wants to have unnecessary saggy skin! If it was life or death yes, but a change in diet and exercise is the best way to get to your goals especially since it's only 30 pounds you need to lose. You can do it! Just switch things up and I'm sure you'll see more results. Don't give up! :flowerforyou:
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    My aunt was telling me yesterday about her family's experience with weight loss surgery. She said that her sister had some trouble after the surgery and her doctor told her that there hasn't ever been a gastric bypass surgery that didn't have complications! Of course, he waited until AFTER the surgery to tell her this. It is an easy way to lose, and can even sometimes be necessary, but for someone like yourself I would never reccomend it. Imagine having to take liquid vitamins every day! The surgery my aunt's sister had also required her to completely cut sugar out of her diet....COMPLETELY! You don't want that! Keep working hard and good luck.
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    one of the gals I work with had the lap band surgery, her lap band also slipped, and she was throwing up several times a day until they could remove it. She has packed on almost all the weight she lost (she's now "trying" to qualify for the OTHER surgery) and I just can't understand why she'd want to GAIN what she'd already lost, just to have another surgery. I think I heard that 10% of people that have the surgery end up dying from complications. I have a lot of weight to lose, and wouldn't consider the surgery, because I just think you don't LEARN how to get things under control. My co-worker thinks the weight will "melt away" after she has the bypass surgery. I don't believe it's that simple, and honestly, why would you alter what God gave you to start with? You have all the tools you need right here to succeed. Isn't it worth doing on your own? Didn't you put the weight on yourself? You can take it off, We all KNOW YOU CAN!
  • I had the very drastic weight loss surgery in 2000, where you only have part of your small intestine to use. I lost weight so fast I was sick. I looked good though. I still can not eat a lot and used to be very active till my car accident I lost 200lbs but ive reached a stopping point. I do not know what to do! Im getting frustrated hate myself, im 330lbs, and have so much extra skin and the scars are awful. I want to loose more weight and look and feel good but im stuck.
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    I had WLS 18 months ago. Since then I've lost approx 165 pounds. I still have some (about 35 pounds) to go to get to my goal.

    For over 20 years of my life I was a yo-yo dieter. Surgery was my last option as I was unable to keep weight off.

    It's certainly no silver bullet. It's tough, mentally as well as physically.

    Sure, there are possibilities of complications. There are with most surgeries. But I decided that I was prepared to take the risk of complications (and yes, even death), to try to ultimately give myself a better quality of life.

    My type of surgery was the 'sleeve' surgery. That is where they remove part of your stomach, but still leave some. I now have a stomach approx 1/3 the size of a normal stomach. This means I can eat most things, in smaller quantities of course, and my stomach still operates as normal (stomach acid, digestion etc).

    Physically, sure I have some loose skin. But I would have that after normal diet and exercise anyway, as my skin had been stretched due to my size for so long. My surgery was keyhole surgery, and the scars are hardly visible. I experienced some hair loss, but it's growing back nicely now.

    Mentally, it's tough retraining the brain to do things differently after a lifetime of doing things a certain way. I think the surgery was tougher on me more mentally, than physically. However, I'm now quite comfortable with my new life.

    I say new life, because it is. My life expectancy is now longer. I can do the kind of things I used to dream of doing...when someone asks me whether I'd like to go somewhere, I don't have to think about whether I would be comfortable, whether I'd fit etc.

    Surgery was the right option for me. It's not the right option for everyone. Most specialists have an extremely strict criteria for considering patients for surgery.

    I wish you the best with your efforts. It's certainly lovely having so many supportive people on this site :)
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    My best friend had gastric bypass when she was 21. Her highest weight was 378, and now she weighs around 220. Her lowest was about 190, but she has maintained around 220 for five years now. She looks great. She is so much happier and healthier. She has lots of loose skin (so she refuses to wear tank-tops, shorts, etc), but she looks amazing. I've asked her time and again if she would do it again. She always says that she would do it again in a heartbeat. The pain was almost unbearable for a short time, but she says that looking back on it now, she doesn't remember the pain that much. I truly believe that the surgery changed her life. On a side note, the surgery also drastically changed her personality. She's still my best friend (before and after), but she has a completely different personality. Just something to think about besides the physical effects.
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    Are you having any thyroid symptoms, signaling a slow thyroid, that may have made your journey so hard, and/or may prevent you from losing the last 30 pounds? It's more common than you think.
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    First of all, anyone who thinks gastric by pass is an easy way to loose weight has never had either a long term weight issue or gastric by pass. I have gastric bypass almost 7 months ago and I have lost 104 lbs so far. I have 11 more to go to make goal. I have to make healthier choices now than I ever did before otherwise I will have severe consequences. I have lost and regains hundreds of pounds prior to this surgery. why? who know? Why does anyone have addictions. I go to the gym 6 times a week and I will only eat protein and veggies to stay healthy and I am healthy. Knock on wood, I have not had any complication with the exception of occasional vomiting, hair and muscle loss. So to think, it is the easy way out....You have absolutely no clue.
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    Congrats on your loss. I am 7 months out and I have lost 104lbs and feel marvelous.
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    After years of losing weight and regaining it (I lost and gained several hundred pounds over thirty years - no kidding), my doctor suggested weight loss surgery to me last year. I wasn't keen at first, but did a LOT of research and spent a LOT of time going back and forth to hospital meetings. My main reasons for finally undergoing the surgery were as follows; I was very close to type 2 diabetes; I have chronic asthma, sleep apnoea, persistent gastritis, degenerative arthritis and uncontrollably high blood pressure.

    Twelve weeks ago I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Prior to the surgery I had blood pressure of 180/129 - despite being on five different meds for it. My blood pressure as of this morning is 129/85. I walked into the hospital using a walking stick. I haven't used the stick for a month now, plus I spend an hour a day on my treadmill. I have had no sign of gastritis, my apnoea has completely gone and my asthma is under control. In the last 12 weeks I have lost 60 pounds.

    Has it been an easy way out? Not for a minute! Would I do it again - definitely!

    I know that there is still a risk of gaining back the weight, but I have been given a second chance and I have absolutely no intention of wasting it. I now think about every single mouthful of food before eating it, making sure that I get the best nutritional value from all my food.

    It is not appropriate for everyone who needs to lose weight, but it has given me the chance to live to see my grandchildren.

    One final comment, don't forget that once undergo such drastic surgery, you can never have a day off from your diet without dire consequences (I'm not just talking about weight gain). I can only eat very small portions of food - I will never be able to sit down and have a 'blow out' again (not that I have any desire to do so!)

    Think really hard and research even harder before opting for surgery. xx
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    I know it's hard but you really are better off if you can do it on your own and don't rely on a quick fix. Personally, the gastric bypass sounds awful and I've heard of so many people gaining weight back several years later. You just have to learn how to eat. I know it's hard but you have time. This last 30 pounds will come off. Just don't give up on yourself. You can do it!