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Workout DVD's for those that live on the 2nd floor?

So I used to love doing my MOS workout DVD's but now I live on the second floor and it seems a bit unfair to jump about! I've got some great yoga DVD's but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for workout DVD's with minimal jumping in?


  • iluvtrees123
    I would try P90X, you will need some equipment though. Other than warmup jumping jacks there is only one workout (Plyometrics) that requires a lot of jumping.
  • Tracepa98

    I just bought this one from walmart and love it. 3 different workouts. 15 min, 25 min, and 30 mins. There are several segments from floor to standing but they are never jumping around. The soothing and supportive voice of Chris Powell is nice too.
  • jtmitch55
    That sounds like what I'm looking for thanks, I will check it out.
  • medoria
    medoria Posts: 673 Member
    No more trouble zones with Jillian is a circuittraining dvd, focusing on strength. Need two dumbells and a math.
  • alpine1994
    alpine1994 Posts: 1,915 Member
    I used to have the same problem. Pilates is great, and I think it works you a little harder than your average yoga.

    Also, if you want some good cardio look up Cardio Barre Advanced on youtube. It's like 55 minutes and there's little-no jumping because you're like swinging your body around, but you need something counter-height to hold onto. I have a giant bedroom and tiny living room so I workout in my bedroom, and I pulled out the top drawer of boyfriend's dresser a little bit and held onto that. It was TOUGH, and a calorie scorcher.

    You could also make a circuit workout for yourself with stuff like push ups, sit ups/crunches, lunges and squats. I see those on pinterest a lot.

    Good luck!
  • LovingCruz
    LovingCruz Posts: 634 Member
    I live on the 3rd floor and when I work out in my home its always after 9 am and no later than 7pm. All the workouts I have done and so far no one has complained are Insanity, I have Zumba DVDS plus for the Wii and for Kinect, Jillian Michaels(30 day shred, ripped in 30, 6weeks 6pack ab, Shred it with weights, Extreme shed and shred, No more trouble Zones, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, Kickbox Fasfix, and Killer Buns). I hope that wasn't too much :) I also have done Taebo and butt bible.
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member
    Options is a website that sells hundreds of exercise DVDs. Part of the review process ..... all DVDs are rated for "impact level." There are video clips too .... nice to see what you're getting.

    You want to look for DVDs rated "low impact." 30 Day Shred for example is rated high impact (due to all the jumping jacks)

    Low impact cardio: Leslie Sansone Walk at Home (most of hers), Billy Blanks Tae Bo (most of his), many other kickboxing DVDs tend to be low impact, step aerobics tends to be lower impact too. Bootcamp is typically higher impact.
  • gmichaelguy
    gmichaelguy Posts: 123 Member
    Get a workout mat and focus on soft landing. You should be doing this anyway. Also, pick respectable hours. It might not be a bad idea to stop by and warn your neighbor in advance, find out any scheduling issues you should avoid and give your phone number so they can reach you if it's an issue. I would recommend doing all this and then you can do whatever video you want. I bet you can work it out. Maybe you'll even invite your neighbor to join you.
  • RaineMarie
    RaineMarie Posts: 158 Member
    I used to live on the second floor of an apartment and I had no issues with my neighbors when I was jumping around working out. I actually would workout at like 4:45am in my living room - I figured my downstairs neighbors were not in their living room that early so the likelihood of me annoying them was minimal. Plus, I really focused on soft landings. I lived over htem for 1.5 years and they never once complained. You can always just give your neighbors a heads up and see if they have any issues with you working out and jumping around, and maybe arrange a workable time for your workouts that wont bother them so much.
  • Livingdeadgirl44
    Livingdeadgirl44 Posts: 264 Member
    Thanks for the advice guys I'm going to have a try of some of these.