Is there anything wrong with working out every day

I do different activities....bootcamp, body attack, body pump, boxing and I over doing it?


  • jazzalea
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    I try and work out in a different way every day.... that way I stay focused but give parts of my aging old body time to recover before I attack it again :):flowerforyou:
  • anonymousKel
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    wow with such a lot of weight lost achieved thats awesome good on ya
  • I think as long as you're not running a marathon every day, you should be fine. Your body would let you know if it were really too much.
  • anonymousKel
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    thanks getting a little heat from the hubby !! worried i'll make myself ill.
  • Alexstrasza
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    Just make sure you're properly fueling your body and if you ever feel really worn out, take a day or two to recover.
  • quill16
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    I run 5-7 miles plus swim an hour, 6 days a week. I feel great . What is wrong with that????????
  • I think rest days are very important to give your body a break and your muscles time to recover. If you do insist on working out 7 days a week make sure you are eating enough protein and do some research on the symptoms of over training.
  • pikselinka
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    If you can handle it and not burn out then do it everyday. I do it when I feel I can, mostly everyday, but I take a day break when I feel my body needs to recover.
  • SassyCalyGirl
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    recovery and rest are just as important as working out
  • CincinnatiDEIFan
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    I walk (I have a bad knee so running is out) about 2 miles a day on average mostly on the beach (some days more, some alittle less) and swim about three days a week (I try to do more). I'm getting to the point if I don't do something every day, I greatly miss it!
  • LJCannon
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    In My Opinion, if you are Enjoying Yourself, doing a Variety of activitys each day, getting the Results you want, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY! - other parts of your Life (relationships, Job Responsibilitys, School Work, etc) are Not Suffering, You are probably doing Ok.
  • As long as you feel well and you're doing it for enjoyment why not? However, from a fat loss perspective there is only so much fat you can burn in a day, after that you're working against yourself if anything. I didn't realise this when I used to do classes as well as cycling to and from work, there wasn't a lot of point.

    Last year I did 16+ hours of hard exercise a week plus easier walking, yoga, housework etc, never went more than two days without exercise and rarely more than one day. This year I've kept hard exercise down to 4 hours a week and I've had lazy spells but I'm actually not any fatter.

    30 mins of exercise 5 times a week is great but the more you add on, the lesser the additional benefit, ie 10 hours a week won't be anywhere near double the benefit of 5 hours a week.

    Also, could you get more sleep if you cut a couple of classes? IMO sleep is the most undervalued element of fat loss.
  • dwh77tx
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    I have worked out almost every single day since April (not on days I've been traveling for vacation,etc). The only thing is that my period has been way off and it's kind of stopped...
  • Not in my mind !! I workout every day maybe not the Attack part but i do BodyVive RPM Boot etc
  • anonymousKel
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    thanks all I'm loving exercising I do rest Friday and run at weekend as we have a weekend hols home. Hubby usually at golf so thats fine its just the week he gets a bit bored. But guess what ...he is looking into a local gym for himself so whey hey. Watch this space.