Same pound, over & over & OVER again!

For the last several days I've been losing, and finding!, the same pound over & over & OVER again!

It's like it thinks it's gonna miss something if it leaves. I'm not holding its hand, I'm not putting it on a lease, I'm not calling it to come inside cuz it's late, but it just won't go!

And the worse thing is it is the very last pound that I have before I meet my 1st goal! Maybe that's why it's holding on for dear life: it knows it's never coming back!

But I am so READY to cut the apron strings and let it fly the coop. Come on, little bird, fly, fly, fly AWAY! And NEVER COME BACK.

We will see tomorrow if it took my advice :)


  • stacnm
    stacnm Posts: 47 Member
    I was stuck at the same pound for weeks, WEEKS I tell ya! So at that point I decided to eat the calories of what was recommended, regardless of any exercise I did. This really worked for me to help me say good-bye to that stubborn pound (and then some)! Wishing you good luck as you reach your 1st goal. :-)
  • iAMsmiling
    iAMsmiling Posts: 2,394 Member
    It's the same 5 lbs for me.

    I'm considering giving myself credit for 5 lbs every time I lose it and not counting the regain.
    I should weigh about 23lbs by now if I counted that way.
  • KaydeForce
    KaydeForce Posts: 96 Member
    I can let you know how "eat more, weigh less" works after week 2. Week 1 has not been much of a loss, but measurements changed. So there is something happening with my body, which is good.

    Tips that I've heard from other people: switch up your workout routine and drink A LOT (like 20 glasses).

    I will just keep eating my 1400 calories or a bit above that, doing my 3-4 workouts a week, and trying to eat as clean as possible. I'll definitely keep you updated on my wall ;-)
  • LauraDotts
    LauraDotts Posts: 732 Member
    Stop weighing yourself every day. Once a week is plenty.