Anyone From Neveda

:flowerforyou: Would like to ask you to be a buddie on my journey to a better mind/body and soul!
Just started this month, looks like MFP has some great folks and topics:) Please join me on the quest. I will be there if you need me.
Have a good day/night :<) Please, Don't Drink and Drive......


  • I grew up in Nevada currently living in MA. Good Luck to you on your journey! :smile:
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    :smile: Thanks for the reply..... May I add you as a friend?
  • Mrsfreedom41
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    Stagecoach NV (east of Carson City)
  • I lived in Reno for several years. One of my favorite places.
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    I live in Carson City - I've been using MFP since January this year, I really enjoy learning the different nutritional information, and finding out what I thought was a good choice... Not sooo much... I just signed up for the 180/400 minutes per week of exercise...
    I just need something to get me moving.... Moving from one end of the couch to the other doesn't count... lol
    Have a BLESSED DAY
  • Representing in Reno! Feel free to add me!
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    Laughlin, NV