My mom's Dr. Oz diary

On a recent visit to my mother's house, we were discussing MFP and health and fitness strategies. As the conversation progressed, she says "Ah-ha!" and grabs a spiral bound notebook to show me what she has been working on.

The pages are dog-eared and she had notes all over with red underlines, sharpie circles, and scribbles of all colors in the margins. This is an 8.5 x 11 notebook and probably has about 300 pages. There are more notes shoved in between the sheets. Some are post-its others are scrawled on the backs of envelopes. There are yellow, pink, green and blue highlighter marks through out, as well as page tabs with more notes marked as to the contents of each page. She has notes hung on her refrigerator and on her bathroom mirror and tucked in her purse. All of it is information that she has gotten from the Dr. Oz show.

She records all the foods she is supposed to eat to achieve a health goal. She has lists and lists of supplements that are supposed to cure everything from dandruff to hypertension. She has grocery lists and recipes. The notebook is full of misspellings because she writes down the information phonetically due to never having heard of things like shirataki noodles or raspberry ketones.

I asked her if she had information as to which episodes the info came from. She didn't. Perhaps I'll try to buy her the dvd sets of Dr. Oz for Christmas. She obviously enjoys it very much. Then she can update her notes or make better and more detailed notes while hitting pause on her tv.

I don't believe she actually uses any of the information she writes down for her own benefit. Unless, of course, it is something that she does anyway. Such as drinking green tea or taking a daily multi vitamin.

I just find it interesting that there is a cult of Dr. Oz and my mom is full in. :laugh: