It's really that simple?

I just had a HUGE "a-hah!" moment.

Earlier today I replied to someone about kids and temper tantrums or whining. I replied (over simplified) to ask the child if it ever works. No? so why keep doing it.

Enter that Palm slap to the head OMG moment while reading a MFpal's blog about emotional eating NOT working and always feeling guilty after an emotional binge.


I can't believe that this ONE SIMPLE thing that I have been using to parent my kids...has been in front of me ALL ALONG...

...I just have to be gown up enough to catch myself in or before the act to ask myself "Does this EVER work? NO? So WHY keep doing it?"

What A-hah moments have you had? I'll be losing slower than molasses in january if I have to wait for my slow brain to figure out these "A-hahs"...Please help give me a jump start!


  • Restybaby2012
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    I agree.....but we do it dont we?

    One of my forever favorite sayings: "If you always do what you've always done, You'll always get what you always got"

    Good luck on this wild journey of weight loss........ add me if you'd like. However, I must warn you, I believe in the power of support and a lot of laughter.
  • m0mofw4r
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    That's great!!!

    I had an "a-hah!" moment about a month or two into my weight loss journey: I was eating out A LOT and at the worst place, eating the worst things. One day I finally realized that I didn't even enjoy the crappy, processed "food" I was eating. I knew that if I ordered the same crap I always did it was going to taste just as crappy as it did the day before - because it's crap! I started listening to what my body was craving and found other ways to satisfy my hunger.
  • daworley
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    That is a great saying, and just what has been happening to me! That is why I am trying to do it different this time with MFP and true weigh-ins, something I never did before. Good luck to all of you!
  • I just love those "hand, meet forehead" moments :) Thanks for sharing.
  • sarah1334
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    My ah-hah moment: Eating healthy and exercising is hard. Being fat is hard. Since they're both hard, I should pick the one that ends up with me being skinny and happy and healthy.

    DUH. Why did it take me so long to figure it out?
  • Restybaby2012
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    One of my most profound "A-Ha!!" Moments were ackshully a series..

    I got sick of laying in bed at night feeling like a stuffed toad all the time. I got sick of feeling so over full, or sick to my stomach because I either ate too much or ate something I shouldnt have. I got sick and tired of waking up at 2 or 3 am and IMMEDIATELY wondering what to have for supper or if we had any "Twister".....etc

    Now I marvel at having to eat and CHOOSING to eat healthy rather than whatever is convenient or easy.
  • vvanm
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    That thought reminds me of the Bob Newhart YouTube: Just Stop It!
  • My ah-hah moment: Eating healthy and exercising is hard. Being fat is hard. Since they're both hard, I should pick the one that ends up with me being skinny and happy and healthy.

    DUH. Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

    ^^This 100% =)
  • Deedsie
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    I hated constantly starting over because I felt like I was back at the beginning and everyone else was so much further than me. Then I realized that if I never quit then I never have to start over.:noway:
  • cgale8
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    I tend to be hyper critical of myself when I have to do a presentation or meeting. I always get discouraged and think about my appearance. My "ah-ha" moments come when I realize that I have not changed shape/size so everyone has already "seen" me, I just haven't "seen" myself. These are the thoughts that motivate me when I am about to stop during a workout.. (and full length mirrors hide NOTHING!!!) :happy:

    "You don't have to go fast, you just have to go"
  • wow, that's true and I've never thought of it in this aspect... thanks for posting and sharing it with us!

    I think that binge-eating is a form of self-harm in a way. people don't believe they can succeed and so they put themselves in the position where the change (i.e. losing weight) is impossible. that's why we feel disappointment and guilt every time, I think.
  • Bakerchk
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    I fight myself with this too. I'm lactose intolerant and I always say "extra cheese, thanks" Before shoving it into my mouth I think "NO! I won't get sick this time... watch!"

    Sure enough.... I get sick, every single time! lol.
  • The day I found my forever motto was great. We were having a BBQ with some of the guys from base, and they were all talking about their beer run, when one of the guys blurted: "Let's stop talking about it, and be about it!" And I thought to myself, how profound, talk really is cheap and if you want something (in this case, beer) you have to go out and get it--be in the moment of achieving your goals. You don't have to look ahead or behind you, you just have to be present.

    Thus, "Be About It"
  • Topsking2010
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    My moment came when watching my favorite movie the Shawshank Redemption when Morgan Freeman said Get busy living or Get busy dying. My weight loss journey has been awesome ever since.
  • mjterp
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    Thank you all! Amazing and profound people here! I am so blessed!