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I had a cycling accident a few days ago, which lead to an A&E trip resulting in a sling, bandage finger (suspected broken, had x-ray awaiting results), bruised sternum (which is very painful even breathing hurts) they don't think I fractured it but they have said I have badly damaged it and it will take a while to heel, I got a lots of cuts and bruises etc

Basically, on the cycling trek there is a few dips which go down with barriers and fence at the bottom then back up, they are steep dips and I was going down one, breaking but something went wrong with my wheels I stupidly let go of my breaks pick up vast speed and I flew head first into the fence, I smashed into it with my cheek, so my face has a cut in it and very swollen which is drooping at the moment because of the fluid - I truly look a picture of health ohh and I broke the bell on my bike! But I did manage to ride 5 miles home because there's no access for cars I think it was pure adrenalin that got me back!

When the nurse checked me over she compliment my weight (yeah) and said I was very fit and my lungs were clear, not bad for an X-smoker :) my blood pressure considering I just crashed into a fence was really good and she said it was because I was fit :) - I'm getting a tad upset though as I've been a couch potato since but I'm in a lot of pain, I know I need to heel but it's getting to me - I've been taking co-codamol but it started making my heart rate drop and have an irregular heart beat this afternoon so I stopped taking it and I sent my OH out for a bottle tonight and it's working a treat, but man I want so bad to get up and sweat :(

Don't worry I've got off the pity train, I've spent most of the last few days reading forum posts I'm not asking advice etc what I'm asking is what is the worst injury or the stupidest / silliest / worst thing you're done in your fitness / health goal - basically my OH is off on a bike ride soon and I need some good reading, so please entertain me :)


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    I had blood pressure issues in my mid teens that prevented me swimming - my main sport - when I went horizontal, my blood pressure would plummet and I would almost pass out; not great in a pool. Anyway, to try and find what was wrong with me, the Doctors came up with the great idea to put me on a tilt table - a table that tips upright and flat with a motor. Before they started the test, they sprayed Nitros Oxide (yes, the stuff that makes car engines blow up) in my mouth, strapped me to the table and proceeded to tilt and twist me around until I puked. A lot.

    The test was inconclusive. I felt like I was being treated like a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.