Crunchy Knees

Over the last 6-9 months, I have noticed more and more I can hear my knees, and they sound a bit crunchy. I would prefer to try to prevent rather than replace, so I am looking for suggestions regarding exercise, diet, or supplements (in that order of preference) to try to reverse or improve this. Other than lose weight (which I am actively working on).
Thanks =)
Edit: it is primarily my left knee, and worst when up stairs or using the clutch (NOT gonna get rid of my car).


  • Sick_Beard
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    You should look into getting some glucosamine supps, best would be to go to your local pharmacy and have a look at the supplements for Joints. They contain glucosamine and other essential vitamins for healthy joints and cartilage.

  • redheaddee
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    :drinker: What about exercises?
  • taqefu
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    According to what I've read so far, cracking knees do not necessarily mean injury.

    I've had a meniscus surgery 6 months ago and sometimes my knees crack like crazy. I couldn't do my usual strenght training for a period of about 4 months before/after surgery and lost a substantial amount of muscle in my thighs and hamstrings. When I was cleared to work out again, my knees used to click with every single step... and even more so with stairs or squats!

    My PT wasn't very worried about this, according to him the sounds may likely be caused by weak muscles, because the muscles fail to give the joint the stability it needs (in my case, it's my quadriceps that doesn't give enough stability to my kneecap).

    It really is getting better as I'm strength training and building muscle again. Plus, I've noticed that the cracking is getting better or worse, depending on how much I stretch and use my foam roller. I tend to have some really tight trigger points (esp. right above the knee, on the inside of the thigh, where the quadriceps is attached to the kneecap). Whenever I stop massaging these spots regularly, the cracking is getting worse.

    You might want to look into leg exercises and maybe add some stretching and foam rolling to your routine.
  • miriamwithcats
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    Strong leg muscles protect the knee some, so anything to strengthen your leg muscles would help. I had crunchy knees all my life and by 49 was bone on bone in both of them. Some of it is genetics, and there is not much you can do about genetics. There is no hard evidence that the supplements help- some studies say yes, others say no. If you can afford them it probably wouldn't hurt, but don't break your budget to buy something that isn't proven. I have also heard that plain gelatin (basically ground up cartilage from horses hooves) can help, but it is hard to find any more. My local Amish grocery store carries it in bulk.
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    I have always had crepitus in my knees. I ended up with pretty bad arthritis in them, but the two are not necessarily related. In any case, exercise has helped SO much more than I expected it to, I was nearly crippled a year ago.
    Talk to your doctor next time you see him or her, but I wouldn't flip out about it just now.