Positive side of being overweight

What I mean is, have you learned something about yourself, freed yourself from some hang up you've had, or had anything positive happen in your life due to gaining weight? Mine would be freeing myself from feeling I need to wear makeup to places like the grocery, the gym, or other random places. Before I gained weight I didn't feel comfortable being in public without makeup on, attributing my attractiveness to what I applied to my face. But, after I gained weight I decided it wasn't necessary to wear makeup because no one was looking at my fat *kitten* anyway...or rather that's all they were looking at ;). So, I just stopped wearing makeup except on rare occasions and it has been the most freeing thing I've done for myself. For the last 8 1/2yrs the days I go without makeup greatly outnumber the days that I do wear it. I hardly give it a 2nd thought, even now as my weight is going down and the attention/stares I get are going up. It's nice knowing that people can see the real me and accept me as I am. But, it's even nicer feeling good about myself and my face sans makeup. So, how about you?


  • I agree with you. All though I always wear make up when I leave the house just for the sheer fact its habit. I feel I do not have the natural beauty as others have. As for the losing weight I am not losing as much as fast as I would like but I FEEL a 100% better physically and emotionally. I feel thin and beautiful...now when I look in the mirror I am like oh damn still have lots of work to do! So my goal every day is to work hard, be healthy, oh and do not look in a full body mirror yet lol. Great work :)
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    I'm with you on the full body mirror. I didn't buy one until I was down 20lbs or so. It's now a source of inspiration for me instead of a source of pain. And thanks! You are doing a great job as well :).