The hot older men thread...

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I just have to laugh when the guys feel sad or disappointed (or insulted? It all seemed in good nature) to discover that over 35 was considered older.

The first time I was called a "Hot older lady" I was 34. LOL! Even funnier, the young man thought I was 28. I guess that is what I get for stopping for a drink so close to a college campus.

Fellas, age is just a number. Rock it at any age!


  • coliema
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    All I saw was hot older men, and I'm here.
  • bkibbs
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    People need to learn the different between "old" and "older." Most people say old but mean older. and "older" is going to be different because it's all relative.

    And although not completely on the topic, I feel the need to point out this comic from The Oatmeal:
  • I think *older* is someone who is 50 or above. I am 56 so thats my perception. Some one your age my think its younger. Its all relative to the person and their age. There are hot older men and hot younger men. I agree!! It DOES NOT MATTER!! Hot is hot!!
  • AUChE
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    You (meaning all) can call me OLDER when you put HOT in front of it any day.

    Being called Older doesn't bother me much. When you're almost 40, married and have 3 kids all under 5, you certainly feel older!
  • I'm 64. Don't feel 64. According to some folks, don't look anywhere near 64. Last person told me they thought I was 50-55. Think and unfortunately, sometimes act much younger. Am still in reasonable shape and good health and trying to improve myself. At this point in my life, age is just a number on the insurance companies acturial tables. I have to chuckle at those of you thinking late 30's and early 40's is old. You folks are in for a surprise!! I also get a kick and an ego stroke when I see someone who looks much older than me, and then find out they're younger. Whooopie!! I count my blessings!!