How do you log your juiced fruits & veg?

I often start my morning with a large cup of freshly juiced fruits & vegs. I have been doing so for several months, and my skin is clearer, my energy is better, and I am certainly getting more produce in! My question is how do you track it? I have been journaling just the raw fruits, but certainly given the left over bits I am losing something, such as fiber and perhaps a few calories. Any suggestions?


  • redheaddee
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  • LesliePierceRN
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    If there's that much left over, just log it as 'fresh squeezed juice'.. otherwise, log it as whole fruit/veg, but guess at how much is left over.. Like "3/4 apple" or whatever.
  • Eerinelizz
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    Some of the juices I make are actually in the database, including the carrot/apple/ginger (my favorite) and the Mean Green. If I'm making my own recipe, I'll either try to find the "raw juice" in the database and estimate the amount of juice in my recipe, or I'll just log it as the whole fruit or vegetable. Happy juicing!
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    try searching