Sorry if this thread has been done before... but I'm wondering if there any other DDR players left out there!

I have a Cobalt Flux and play Stepmania through my laptop, hooked up to my TV. It's always been one of the only exercises that I can keep going back to and it's always just as fun. I played a lot at the arcades, then got my own dance mats around 8-9 years ago when I was a young one. Now I'm still lovin' it!

I play Heavy and my favourite DDR songs are So Deep, Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speedy Mix), Burning Heat! and TwinBee... to name a few. There are a few that totally kick my butt!

What are your favourites? How long have you been playing?


  • glitteringloke
    I've been off and on DDR for over a decade... Back when the playstation was the big to-do! I used to be able to do mid level (different mixes call them all different things - trick, alternate, whathaveyou). The crappy flat mats and hard floors would kill my knees, so i had shelved DDR and stepmania for years. Recently, i got a squishy mat and hit up yahoo japan auctions. I just got a pile of ps1 DDR games from Japan for fairly cheap and spent the past 2 hours poking through about half of them. I never got into the songs with hold arrows, so luckily, that didn't happen until ps2 :D (I have a japanese PS2, so i can play the imported games with ease and not needing my swap disk except for 5th mix and extra mix)

    i'm hoping to get back up to the more difficult songs, but with time. since i've been getting back into DDR the past month or so, i don't have to stop and fall over after every 2 songs. Favorite songs are Dive, one two (little *****), synchronized love (remix) and almost anything by captain jack.

    also, what do you do to keep your pads from sliding on the floor?
  • gublernation
    I'm a DDR maniac lol.
    I miss it on my ps2, but my pads are broken (including the arcade metal one I got for christmas SIGH)
    Now I play it on wii.... and all the songs are by justin bieber, I kid you not.
  • ashleydillinger
    ashleydillinger Posts: 18 Member
    I wish I still had DDR! I had a really nice metal dance pad, but the cord broke. :/ I miss it!
  • marphoria
    marphoria Posts: 14 Member
    Oh hey, people play dancing games, yay! I play ITG as opposed to DDR. I started off playing DDR 9 years ago with a metal pad in my house, but within the past 5 years my love has been with ITG. My roommate's boyfriend bought a machine a year ago, so I'm finally able to challenge myself and get better like I've wanted to for years :] I wish more people posted about dancing games, it's great to have the support
  • WilmaBabineau
    WilmaBabineau Posts: 1 Member
    I usually log it as aerobics-high impact and the total time played and the calories are pretty in line with game count.