HRM newbie

Hi. Borrowed a basic HRM and used it on a bike ride today. Did a pretty relaxed ride but my heart rate was insanely high. Like 80-90% of max at a work rate where I'm usually thinking I should start working harder. Now I'm not super-fit, am slightly overweight, but have a reasonably low resting pulse (sub 55). I've also done a reasonable amount of cycling over my life and am training back up after a couple of years off to pop out babies. Can anyone explain this and/or give advice to get something useful from having a HRM? Thanks xx


  • juliec33
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    I'd love to hear what others think too. When I use a HRM it always shows I'm working out at at the top of my max zone. When I'm running my heart rate hovers around 165 ( due to my age around 177 is my max) but I can still pretty much carry on a conversation.