Body Revolution_Jillian Michaels

Just throwing it out there again for anyone interested in toning up that bod to be hot for New Year's with her 90 day program. Got a group started to get everyone ahead on NEXT year's resolutions :tongue:


  • sumer_13
    sumer_13 Posts: 81 Member
    You will love the program! Lol I am just finishing up Phase 1 today! It was ruff at times.. it is a challenge at any age.. even with my age i pushed through. i feel awesome. You gota love Jillian,. give me one more.. it is just 30 min! her fav sayings.. ha! ha! wish you theh best.. you can do it!
  • myfitnessval
    myfitnessval Posts: 687 Member
    so awesome. i just finished this month and LOVED phase 3, in fact i'm repeating it until i can afford to sign up for my gym. there is an ongoing JMBR group btw, if you wanna join that one too.
  • cindyhoney2
    cindyhoney2 Posts: 603 Member
    I'm doing 30DS and I have about 17 more days left. I'm thinking of getting BR next. So, you guys really like it? I'm doing both level 1&2 3-4 days a week because I don't feel 20 mins is enough calorie burn for me. I take it the BR is 30 mins? I really like her attitude about don't stop, just give one more. I have 400 lb people that can do jumping jacks, so can you! I do quite often cuzz her as I workout tho, lol. (you're almost there...I'm dying)