NSV...goodbye 14's...and good luck!

I just took the last pair of 14's out of my closet. Wore them today and had my belt in the last hole and still couldn't keep them up. I thought they weren't bad....but hubby told me to get rid of them...they looked horrible! Bless his heart...he tells me the truth! So...goodbye to the last of my 14's! I even had to get rid of a size 12 because they were too big!! AND I bought a new pair of cords today...size 10 for $4.40!!! I love clearance racks!!


  • WTG! Isn't it wonderful to buy things such as clothing at great prices.
  • bikinibeliever
    bikinibeliever Posts: 832 Member
    That's awesome! I'm curious about how tall you are? After that, I might have another question...:laugh:
  • That is AWESOME!!! I just did the same w mine!! Took out last year's box of fall clothes - all size 12/14 and NONE fit ...I"m in a 8/10 right now!!
    *!*!*!*!* Throwing Confetti *!*!*!*!*
  • kimad
    kimad Posts: 3,011 Member
    That is awesome!!! Sales racks are great when you are just cruising thru the sizes :)
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    That is awesome!! I just recently was able to fit back into my Junior size 13 jeans :)
  • MelisRunning
    MelisRunning Posts: 819 Member
    How exciting!!! That is a great excuse to go shopping!
  • sarahg148
    sarahg148 Posts: 702 Member
    That's aweseome! I have a couple pairs of cords from J. Crew that I got on sale back in late Winter. They are size 8s and I can't even zip them up! My goal is to get them on comfortably...then I will be at goal! So maybe 15 lbs or so...155 should get them on smoothly without getting those horizontal creases in the back of my thighs from being too tight. :\
  • arrawyn79
    arrawyn79 Posts: 275 Member
    awesome!!! congrats!!! :) isn't that the best feeling? (well, not your pants being still too big even with your belt as tight as it can go... lol)

    I just bought a size 14 pair of jeans like 2 months ago and back near the end of August they were big enough for me to take off without undoing them (and now they are FAR too big because i'm now a size 8). I loved those jeans (even though I only wore them for a handful of weeks before they got too big!) so yesterday I went out and bought the same pair (cheap in walmart, only $15 so why not) in 8 :D).

    And yes, thank god for sales racks! 4.40 is beyond a bargain! (LUCKY!)
  • Crochetluvr
    Crochetluvr Posts: 3,143 Member
    Congratulations!!! I am definitely jealous! ;)
  • pmad37
    pmad37 Posts: 105 Member
    Great job!! I, too, have gotten rid of most of my 14s, finished that up today....not entirely comfy in my 12s, although they look fine on me....it's just an image thing.
  • penniemh
    penniemh Posts: 124 Member
    Excellent job!

    (If you lived close I'd be hitting you up for those clothes!)
  • sugboog29
    sugboog29 Posts: 630 Member
    Thanks for all the great comments! To answer a few questions...I am 5'5". I will soon be 50! And cannot remember the last time I wore a size 10! I also bought a pair of pants and a shirt from New York and Company for $15....for both!! I am one of the best bargins shoppers of ALL time! My favorite designer is Clearance!!! LOL!
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