Post past weight loss?

I weighed myself on my birthday last year, which is what started my desire to lose weight. Originally, I lost 22 pounds, but gained back 11 pounds. What do you think would be more motivating? To start from zero, where I'm at? Or to include my original weight from last year?

I originally weighed 214.1 pounds. I weighed right around 204 pounds when I started MFP last Tuesday.

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • marie_cressman
    marie_cressman Posts: 980 Member
    I always say it's more motivating to see how far you come rather than how far you have left to go. ;)

    My heaviest weight was 304lbs so that's what I have on my profile. I started MFP just a few lbs under that, but it doesn't change the fact that I did start my official "weight loss journey" at 304. :)
  • JesterMFP
    JesterMFP Posts: 3,596 Member
    Personally, I find it more motivating to go from my very highest, which coincidentally was also 214 lbs. :smile: