Anyone in Alaska?

Big plans for the spring and need to get into shape. My son will be graduating law school in December and moving back up to Alaska to take the bar exam. My husband and I will be following in April/May. I can't be this big and enjoy it - so time to get my butt in gear. Looking for someone in Alaska for motivation but open to all that are supportive.

I am 46, F, currently live in Illinois - in the western suburbs of Chicago. I work full time and sit on my butt watching NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory, and NFL football, when I get home - instead of working out! I am the Queen of excuses and an emotional eater.

My goal is to drop around 2 pounds a week between now and the move. If for no other reason than a drive up the Alcan is LONG and if I weigh less I'll fit into the seat better!

I look forward to the support & supporting others!



  • jennfu
    Hiya, I'm in Alaska. I know part of my motivation is a trip to hawaii looming in my future and I hate fat flying. Those seats are a pain in the butt. Not to mention beach wear and all that goes with a hawaiian vacation. I'm always glad to make friends and help motivate people on here. Also I love the Big Bang Theory! :)
  • jasont1354
    jasont1354 Posts: 24 Member
    I've been in Alaska for work alot recently and I am amazed at what you have to go through to stay fit. How do you do it in the COLD COLD days? I have to workout indoors.