Lose 5 lbs in October!!! YES WE CAN

CHALLENGE HAS A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS. I will only allow 150 people to join the challenge. 25 spots are already taken by people that have done the challenge before. That means 125 spots are still open. Please only take one of the spots if you are 100% sure you will stick it out. Thank you. --- SPOTS ARE LIMITED DUE TO AMOUNT OF TIME AND EFFORT PUT INTO THE SPREADSHEET AND GROUP ENCOURAGEMENT.

I am doing something different this month and once I hit 150 people I will start a new thread to avoid confusion.

********I will post when the group max has been hit. Please do not comment after that point********

What are your goals for October? Where do you want to be a month from now? This challenge has been running for well over a year! We are a group of people that come together to support eachother on the weight loss journey.

Commit, follow the format, and it will be a great month! This month we will only have 150 participants total. If you do not check in two weeks in a row I will delete you from the spreadsheet. All of your tracking will be done on the new thread. This one will only be used for signing up for the group.

In the new thread for OctoberOctober I will post the weekly date format. You will weigh in every Monday other than on last day of the Month. You will also set a personal goal for the month.