anybody tried Rodan & Fields skincare?

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This is a random question...but I have a Facebook friend who keeps urging me to try the Rodan & Fields skincare line. It's expensive, but supposidely amazing. Has anybody here tried it? If so, what are your opinions about it?

Thanks in advance.... (I keep putting my friend off, but am hesitant to spend over $100 on skincare...unless it really works). :happy:


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    bump...? anyone..?
  • I've been using the REVERSE regimen for 30 days now and I've seen noticeable lightening of my dark spots. I took a photo when I started and one 30 days later and posted it on FB, everyone was blown away. You have nothing to lose with the 60 day guarantee!
  • I know you posted this almost 5 months ago, but Rodan + Fields Dermatologists really have created an amazing skincare line! I've seen drastic results with both the Redefine and Reverse regimens. Soothe is what works on my dry, red cheeks, but that may not be the product that you're looking for. Like pconner71 said, you have nothing to lose with the 60 day guarantee! You can send your empty bottles back and get a full refund! Hopefully by now you're already using the products and loving them! If your friend isn't a consultant, and you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My e-mail is and their website is:

    Ashley Green
    Rodan + Fields Consultant & Recruiter