new toy

just got my cool new 7 dollar blender bottle shaker from target , its the bomb diggedy doo

highly reccommend for people on the go


  • Rollacoaster2015
    Rollacoaster2015 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey whats one of them ? Is it a blender and $7 sounds like you have a bargain
  • nphect
    nphect Posts: 474
    its a shaker bottle with a little metal ball in it. great for after workout shakes . add water , shake , move on.
  • peuglow
    peuglow Posts: 684 Member
    I prefer the turbo shaker. No stupid metal ball to clean/lose. Works like a charm.
  • mfpcopine
    mfpcopine Posts: 3,093 Member
    I bought one from Amazon last year. It didn't work and I had to return it.