When will I be able to tell the difference?
I mean I've lost 30 lbs!
Everything fits the same, measurements haven't change.
I've been holding on to this shirt till I weighted less. So I thought I'd put it on today to see and it's still tight.
Plus nobody, I mean NOBODY has even noticed!
I'm really discouraged!


  • pamperedpenguin
    pamperedpenguin Posts: 95 Member
    Cuz I need encouragement!
  • 30 pounds is amazing! Great job!

    Hard to say about when you will see a difference. That is kind of different for everyone. If a person has quite a lot to lose, it may take longer! But I guaruntee you there is a difference in your body after a 30 pound loss. You see yourself every single day so it can be hard to see. Sometimes people are hesitant to say anything about weight loss. Aside from close family who knew I was trying to lose weight, I didn't get any comments until I had lost about 50.

    Please don't get discouraged!