Eating more to weigh less or eating less to weigh less? .



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    As a guy that was on very low calorie diets of 500 or less, i can tell you, it works. For me it did anyway. I was able to lose a pound a day for a couple months. I lost 40lbs just like that. The problem comes with how you feel and how you live your life after you've lost the weight the wrong way.

    Going through it, i was more cynical of the world and depressed ALL the time. I had severe anxiety to the point where i didn't want to go anywhere and although i was skinnier, i didn't feel any better about myself. I think the psychological effects of crash dieting aren't talked about enough.

    And "starvation mode" seems an awful lot like what i went through after i stopped crash dieting. I wouldn't even eat much after that and i would gain like crazy. It's like my metabolism got used to needing so few calories that when i finally ate normally again, it said "we don't need ALL this! We're gonna store it around your gut" and boom. That's how the weight came back and now here i am using fitness pal.

    I don't know if someone that's suffering from anorexia could really understand just reading me say it, but: losing weight by eating is the best change you could ever make it in your life. Psychologically, emotionally, long-term wise. Not having to worry about cravings is the most amazing thing. That "****, i was crash dieting and i just ate a burger". That guilt you feel afterwards isn't there anymore because it's a life long plan i'm on. If i eat a burger, so what? I can work it into my daily calories. And if not, i'll lose tomorrow instead. Find a life plan, not a short term plan
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    Eating under BMR = bad

    Eating the correct proportion of calories to TDEE = Good