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I was wondering if anyone had surgery for a bulge disc and what was the outcome? I currently have a bugle disc on my L5 S1 and the first back doctor I saw recommended surgery. I'm scheduled to see another dr for a second opinion at the end of the month. Just a little background. I had surgery on my right ankle on Sept. 4th and I'm still wearing a boot. The weight of the boot and the compensation has made my back pains even worst. I still have to wear the boot until the 18th.

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  • smiffy645
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    I had a micro-discetomy in 2000 for a problem with L4/5. My case was pretty severe but a lot of problems with discs are treated using Physio therapy now days. My recovery after surgery tool some time as they have to cut through some pretty thick muscle. I'm sure the technique has improved since 2000 but if there is a non surgery option, then I personally would go that route.
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    I've had constant problems with prolapsed discs over the last 25 years. I almost had surgery 20 years ago but chickened out at the last minute. It took a long time but physio and swimming has helped a lot. I am now fully mobile, occasionally I get sciatica but I can work that out. I have full body movement and I'm still very flexible, i'm 47 and active. I think if I had had surgery I wouldn't be as mobile as I am.
    You need to talk to a professional and get several view points, everybody is different.
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    What they're saying. Don't cut out any options at all before going for surgery. Physical therapy, exercises that realign your spine (usually the primary cause of a bulging disc has to do with spinal alignment), chiropractic along with massage to fix that spinal alignment, etc. You might be surprised at what options are out there!