Mad at myself....

I went to the doctor today to follow up on my weight loss and my goals. I had lost 30 lbs earlier this year but after breaking my toe in August and then not focusing on weight loss, I have gained 10 lbs back!! Damn!! It is time to get motivated again although I am finding that hard to do. I am starting today and am going back to the gym and tracking my food again. Wish me luck :)


  • elizak87
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    Good luck!
  • pamperedpenguin
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    I know how you feel : I lost 150 lbs about 6 years ago but gained back 80!
    I have been so angry with myself for doing that to myself...again!
    Just start over: this is a new journey, not a continuation of the old one.
    You can do it!
  • sa11yjane
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    Don't be mad, a gain is understandable in your circumstances but you have still lost masses overall. Just hold on to the knowledge that you have done it once so you CAN do it again. Good luck! x
  • cmriverside
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    I know how injuries can sideline you. You know what to do, and you've been successful. Life happens. You caught it before it became 25 pounds, so, Yay!
  • Windi38
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    I hear ya! Lost 30 pounds last spring ('11)over the course of about 4 months, maintained it until around November, then gained 15 back between November and July of this year.

    I just completely lost motivation after a separation and moving and having to re-assess my life and what to do work-wise and all that.

    Joined a fitness club in September and their 90 fitness challenge,and started tracking calories again, hoping to get back on track and go the distance this time.

    As the previous poster stated, I'm trying not to look at it as finishing the last race, but beginning a new race with new motivations and from a lighter weight! :)~ I don't have quite as much to lose this time around! hehehe
  • Good Luck!

    Do nothing today, and regret it tomorrow; Do something today, and enjoy it tomorrow. Your future is in your hands.