Having a hard time today :(

I've been on mfp now for 51 days and to be honest I haven't really had a hard time with my food plan.
But today for some reason I'm having a really hard time not giving in to temptation.
Seems everything is calling me name.
Just need a little encouragement I guess to keep at it.


  • FluffyNoMore26
    FluffyNoMore26 Posts: 92 Member
    Just cheat already haha J/k. Sometimes we do have to give in to temptation. Just make sure you log it and later on work it off. If you ever have a week of temptations like my last week of eating out with family and friends try to find the best alternative to nasty greasy food and/or just stay home or away from the nasty stuff :) hope this helps!
  • sarahg148
    sarahg148 Posts: 701 Member
    That's my biggest problem. Some days it's like I'm insatiable. I was like that Sunday and Monday. But got back on track Tuesday. Basically only 2 days out of 21 that I "lost control." So I'm still ahead of the game. Just try to drink a LOT of water and get in more activity. I tend to especially not want to mess up the days that I get a good workout in. For the first time I actually also weighed 1 1/2 servings of pasta last night for dinner instead of making the whole box and having leftovers in the fridge. I can eat an entire box of pasta. It just doesn't fill me up as well as protein rich foods. Also try to not keep your trigger foods in the house.
  • I have hungry days, too. I try to have some of what I'm craving and then some kind of healthy snack. But, sometimes you just need doritos! Don't let one day get you down!!