Massage a c-section scar?

For those of you that had a c-section (or an adominal surgery that left a scar), were you instructed by your doctor to massage the scar? I wasn't, but my mom is telling me that I should and that I can find videos on how to do it online. My aunt had surgery on her knee and her doctor told her to massage the scar to reduce scar tissue and my coworker was instructed to massage the scar she had from her hysterectamy. I can see how this might help, but at the same time I would hope that if it was necessary, my doctor would have told me to do it as post surgery care. I don't want to take it upon myself to do something just because it's on the internet...but then again if it's on the internet it must be true right?

I'm going to call my doctor's office to ask what they recommend, but I just wanted to know what others thought about this. For those of you that do massage your scar, did you have to ask the doctor about this or did your doctor tell you from the start?


  • bankstisha
    bankstisha Posts: 45 Member
    I had a c-section 11.5 years ago but I don't remember being told to massage the scar....
  • kclarkss
    kclarkss Posts: 69 Member
    My husband had skin cancer on his face and recently had it removed by a plastic surgeon. The doctor has told him to massage the scar to even out the tissue. Maybe it is something new the doctors have discovered. I had surgery 10 years ago and they never said anything like that to me.
  • misschoy
    misschoy Posts: 125 Member
    I had mione almost 5 years ago. No one ever told me to massage it.
  • I had one 16 months ago and they never told me to massage it. But then again that hospital sucked.
  • but hey... I am def going to start doing it now. I mean if I ever get another scar