protein bars

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I know 99% out there are not good for you, but are there ANY protein bars that aren't too bad (or too high in carbs)? With 5 kids playing sports, doing piano etc I am on the go A LOT. I try to plan ahead and have a healthy snack/meal ready, but sometimes I just don't. Can anyone recommend a bar for those situations?

(FYI, a handful of nuts is usually not an option as I have 4 children w/ nut allergies. I do eat them, but not usually around the kids.)



  • geekyjock76
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    Ingredient-wise, the all-natural line of Quest Nutrition protein bars have the "cleanest" list on the market.
  • AKosky585
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    All I can say are Quest Bars... they are really good, and as far as ingredients, way better than anything else out there. GNC and some other vitamin shops sell them now. I would check the Quest website to see what retailers near you carry them!
  • mjj79
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    Thank you both!
  • bkesecker
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    I love KIND protein bars (and all of their other bars). Not for your kids though - full of nuts.

    Beware - I just looked up the Quest Bars, didn't know about them. Many have sugar alcohols. If you are sensitive to them steer clear. I cannot touch anything with sugar alcohol. However, I notice there are some without sugar alcohols.
  • LoraF83
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    I like the Luna Protein bars (Chocolate Peanut butter) - very tasty!! 190 calories, 12g of protein, 19g of carbs. I have them for breakfast sometimes when I'm busy or as a snack.