winter running shoe

so I've moved to Va and we will get ice and snow in the winter what do you think is the best shoe to help keep my foot dry


  • insomkneea
    Bump, I am curious too. I heard you should get a trail shoe for winter running. Also curious about using yaktrax pro.
  • HypersonicFitNess
    HypersonicFitNess Posts: 1,219 Member
    I really never had any problems keeping my feet dry while running when I lived in NOVA. I had regular running Brooks for the trails (usually dirt trails at Burke Lake or Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and a pair the paved trails (Little Rocky Run area). I just never ran outside when it snowed or if it was icy (treadmill those days).
  • RunningAggie
    I will be doing some winter running this year - training in Canada for a January marathon (in Florida) might not have been the wisest decision. Up here a lot of ppl use Yak Trax Pro. I'll try those out, but I'm due for some new shoes and any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • schmenge55
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    I don't wear a special shoe. I do have yaktrax for when icy. If sloppy I throw a pair of rubber overshoes over my shoes