i have not logged in a month!need help

i know i ve gained maybe 20 lbs sinse i left mfp. im guessing im around 215 lbs. i feel myself getting huge!!!! i cant keep lieing to myself. i lost my apartment and had to move to a hotel. i am still down and need friends i cant go on like this?!


  • thenewkayla
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  • jasonmcroy
    I am in the same boat! I left back in April and I have also gained 20 pounds since then!

    It's time to get off of this roller coaster and take back my life.

    We can do this.

  • mrso97
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    you are in the right place for support!!! you can do it!!!
  • djc315
    djc315 Posts: 585 Member
    Well good news is, you logged in today.

    Now continue to do that and you will see a difference in no time. I just hit 30 days of logging and 10 pounds gone, and it seems like I just started. It goes by fast and now it seems so much easier than it was 25 days ago. Things come more naturally to me the longer I stick with it.

    I know you can get back on track. Like I said, you logged in today, so continue logging.
  • jhartram
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    I am just climbing back onto the MFP wagon after moving and gaining 28 pounds... we can do this, if we do it together! Feel free to add me, and I'll be there to cheer every time you submit your diary! Just keep coming back. Log everything, even if it isn't pretty, and rely on your MFP friends to keep you coming back! =D
  • Retiredmom72
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    Does the hotel room have a microwave and frig? I am glad you came back! You Re going to have to get some personal things straightened out so you won't be so stressed.
  • nancyakeane
    Well. you took a huge step in the right direction just now by logging in today... I hear ya...it can be so frustrating how quickly the weight comes on and so slowly to disapear... I have little over 30lbs I'd like to lose....I'm feeling stuck as well...the more support and friends we have on here the better. Its so inspiring to hear from everyone... C'MON SISTER>>>>LETS DO THIS THING!!!!